Introducing Mango Basic - Language Learning in a Snap

Mango Basic is the latest addition to the award-winning Mango online language learning system--Mango Basic is designed to teach users simple, practical and polite conversation skills in a foreign languages.

Learn the basics in 22 non-English languages to prepare yourself for upcoming travel or get familiar with a new language. Mango Basic also features 14 English courses for speakers of other languages.

New Mango Basic courses include:

Foreign Courses

Job Help Resources for Your Library

Still looking for ways to support your community in these tough times? Planning your budget for 2010 right now?

Take a look at some of these resources for free, and see what they can do to help!

Ohio: Mission Critical - Gale Package to Help Public Libraries

Gale's \Power to the user\ pledge means providing the products and services you want, and being an active advocate for libraries, especially during these tough times.

\Redeeming Our Relevance\ with Teens

Have you seen the latest Youth Matters column by Jennifer Burek Pierce in American Libraries? In it, she talks about several sources for helping teens \answer questions they care about.\

Demonstrations of Optimal Resume -- Online Career Help, Discounted through OHIONET

The latest in career help is here!

Optimal Resume can make sure your displaced or transitioning patrons are ready to enter the workforce as quickly as possible. Their proven, online career tools are now used at hundreds of public libraries and college career centers nationwide. Optimal Resume can help job seekers of all levels execute a successful job search.

Please join one of these sessions to learn more.

Tuesday, November 3 at 2 p.m.

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