We are pleased to announce that the 2014 Spring Preview for Public Libraries is now available. The preview is open from March 1 through March 31.  This year’s preview will feature 100+ free resources provided by 15 vendors.  Vendor demos will be announced throughout the month as well as uploaded to our training calendar:  http://ohionet.org/training-calendar

In order to access the Preview, you must first authenticate as an authorized user.  For your initial login, please visit http://ohionet.org/user to authenticate with the trial credentials.  Returning visitors can go directly to http://ohionet.org/public-trial.

Please note: if you have difficulty accessing the Preview, first try logging out using the link on the left-hand menu of the OHIONET website and then logging back in.  If problems persist, please clear your browser cache, close your browser, and re-start the process.

Feel free to contact Carrie Waibel (carriew@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 25) with questions, requests for quotes, trial credentials, or any technical difficulties you may experience.

OHIONET has five offers from Oxford University Press that are running through the end of the month:

Perpetual Access Purchase of Oxford Reference Library

Oxford Reference Library, a part of Oxford Reference, is a collection that offers in-depth research of terms, concepts, and people from specialist award-winning titles including the Oxford Companions and multi-volume Oxford Encyclopedias, as well as selected scholarly titles from other publishers. Libraries may select the individual titles that best enhance their collections. 

Order by March 28th to receive 20% off list on 2013 and 2014 titles and 40% off list on titles prior to 2013.

Perpetual Access Purchase of Benezit Dictionary of Artists

The Benezit Dictionary of Artists is one of the most comprehensive and definitive resources on artists in the English language. Entries are clear and concise, with thousands of auction records, museum holdings, and bibliographies. Benezit is also unique in its superb coverage of obscure artists and inclusion of images of artists’ signatures, monograms, and stamps. The digital edition provides art researchers with instant access to this unparalleled resource, as well as the ability to cross-search it with Grove Art Online and other essential Oxford art titles. 

Order by March 28th to receive 20% off list price.

Perpetual Access Purchase of Oxford Islamic Studies Online

Oxford Islamic Studies Online is an authoritative, dynamic resource that brings together the best current scholarship in the field for students, scholars, government officials, community groups, and librarians to foster a more accurate and informed understanding of the Islamic world. Containing chapters from scholarly and introductory works, Qur'anic materials, primary sources, images, maps, timelines, and lesson plans, and regularly updated with new content, Oxford Islamic Studies Online offers a multi-layered reference experience designed to provide a first stop for anyone needing information and context on Islam. 

Order by March 28th to receive 20% off list price.

Perpetual Access Purchase of Oxford Biblical Studies Online

Oxford Biblical Studies Online is a comprehensive resource for the study of the Bible and biblical history, integrating authoritative scholarly texts and reference works with tools that provide ease of research into the background, context, and issues related to the Bible. Easy to search and navigate, this site offers a ready access point for a wealth of Bible text and commentary that can be viewed in a convenient side-by-side display. Oxford Biblical Studies Online is valuable for anyone in need of an authoritative, ecumenical, and up-to-date resource. 

Order by March 28th to receive 20% off list price.

Perpetual Access Purchase of Oxford History of Western Music

The Oxford History of Western Music is an unmatched account of the evolution of Western classical music by renowned musicologist Richard Taruskin. The full text is available in an interactive digital format, with access to editorially selected links to relevant articles for subscribers to Grove Music Online. Brilliant observations, memorable musical analyses, and a panoramic sense of the interaction between history, culture, politics, art, literature, religion, and music make this resource essential reading for anyone interested in this rich and diverse tradition. 

Order by March 28th to receive 20% off list price.

Update and Maintenance Fees Some online products have update and maintenance fees that are assessed after an initial complimentary period. These fees may be waived in certain circumstances. Any potential update and maintenance fees will be provided with price quotes.

Sign up for a live demo: http://global.oup.com/academic/librarians/demos/webinars/?cc=us&lang=en

Take a guided tour and see samples of selected electronic resources:

For more information, a free trial, or a custom quote, please contact Carrie Waibel (carriew@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 25) or Christine Morris (christinem@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 29).

Did you know you could keep up with our eResource news via Twitter?   Find OHIONET eResources on Twitter and follow us for news about our vendors, databases, workshops, and trials.  We'll also be helping you to keep up with trends and news of interest to our reference and eResource librarians. Follow us on Twitter @OHIONETeRes.


As the spring term hits its stride, we would like to remind our members that OHIONET is continuing to work with NewsBank to offer a special discount on 50 Ohio news sources within America’s News for subscription access.

America's News includes archived material from major state papers, contains 2,100 news sources from around the United States and is approximately 85% unique in terms of overlap with newspaper content available through other statewide resources.

To regain access to this content, which was previously part of the Libraries Connect Ohio purchase, please contact Christine Morris (christinem@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 29) or Carrie Waibel (carriew@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 25).

The 2014 OHIONET Preview for K-12 Libraries--brought to you in conjunction with INFOhio--is now available.  You can access the Preview by visiting http://www.ohionet.org/user and entering the username / password.

After initial login, returning users can go directly to http://ohionet.org/K-12-trial

The Preview will run from February 1 to March 1.  Please note that February 1 is a Saturday; thus the login information will not work until that time.  On the Preview page, you will find links to all of the resources available arranged by title, by vendor, and by category.  Login information, product descriptions, and special considerations will be available for each product by title.  This year’s Preview features nearly 150 resources from 15 vendors! 

A new feature for this year’s Preview is a training calendar featuring vendor demos.  They’ll be sharing updates on familiar products as well as unveiling new resources.  Please note that some vendors require event registration before the webinar begins.  You can access the full list of vendor demos on the training calendar here:  http://www.ohionet.org/training-calendar.  

Please contact Carrie Waibel, Electronic Resources Coordinator with any requests for access, quotes, purchased, or questions at 800-686-8975, ext. 25 or carriew@ohionet.org.


Happy New Year to all! 

Academic librarians: as you may know, I will no longer be your main contact here. Instead please email or call Christine Morris christinem@ohionet.org, OHIONET Director of Members Services, 800-686-8975 ext 29 for assistance with current subscription renewals, new e-resource subscriptions and new proposals. Christine is working closely with OhioLINK staff as well, and is sure to bring wonderful enhancements to our services and programs for academic libraries.  I’d like to thank my colleagues at academic libraries for your support and for your participation in e-resource groups and events that I facilitated over the years. I enjoyed working with you, and helping you build your collections.  I am confident that our established programs will continue to develop and grow, and new collaborative projects will evolve. Stay in touch! 

This year I will be working more closely with special libraries, particularly hospital libraries.  Please contact me if you are from a hospital, law, museum, government, specialized collection or corporate library and are interested in OHIONET services, e-resources, or joint projects.  I may be reached as before at maryc@ohionet.org  or 800-686-8975 ext 16.  I look forward to communicating with old and new friends. May we build many fruitful cooperative projects together this year!


OHIONET is finalizing opt-in groups for Thieme chemistry journals and Thieme medical journals this January.

A list of the chemistry package titles can be found here. A list of the medical package titles can be found here. Pricing is available on request.

We have already received commitments from several libraries; if your library would like to participate, please contact Christine Morris at OHIONET (christinem@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 29). To solidify our group, we would like to hear from you by January 13.

Thanks for working with OHIONET to coordinate savings opportunities like this one.

One of the ways we try to help our members is by anticipating their needs.  Earlier this year when Libraries Connect Ohio announced which resources wouldn’t be available statewide for 2013-2014, OHIONET sought to establish partnerships with those vendors.  Through working closely with them, we were able to offer discounted pricing to multi-library types to purchase those resources individually, or in some cases, as part of a consortia.  One great example of this is Mango Languages, a very popular language learning resource.  37 public libraries and 1 consortial group subscribed to Mango through OHIONET, saving these libraries over a combined $20,000.  Several of these libraries also were able to take advantage of bundled pricing that included Little Pim, which is Mango for a younger, elementary aged audience.  Similar relationships were forged with Newsbank and Oxford to provide discounted purchasing opportunities for other dropped statewide resources.

Members and Friends!  Please take a moment to find OHIONET on Facebook and Like us.  You'll find pictures from fellow member libraries, OHIONET updates, as well as topical items for librarians.  We look forward to seeing your comments and activities. https://www.facebook.com/ohionet  Help us reach 500 likes!


OHIONET’s RDA Toolkit Group renews each year in November. Here’s the 2013-14 update.


What’s new this year?

Both the Library of Congress and the British Library have fully implemented RDA as their official descriptive cataloging standard. Thus, our group’s introductory special of free “bonus” users has ended, but we do still have a good discount on the base rate. Basic RDA Toolkit info is available at http://www.rdatoolkit.org; full details of the most recent July release are available at http://www.rdatoolkit.org/development/July2013release. All updates are logged on the Development Blog: http://www.rdatoolkit.org/development.

How much does it cost?

There are two options for access. The most widely used model is the site license, which includes one simultaneous user, unlimited profiles, and IP access. To improve simultaneous use capacity, you can add concurrent users.

The regular cost for a site license with one concurrent user is $325 list price; we have a 10% discount for members, so it is $293 via OHIONET.

Additional concurrent users are priced as follows with the OHIONET discount:
For 2-9 users (total) - $50 per additional user
For 10-19 users (total) - $45 per additional user
For 20+ users - $40.50 per additional user

There is also an option for a solo license, which includes one simultaneous user, one profile, and password access. It is intended for institutions with only one cataloger.

The regular cost for a solo license with one concurrent user is $195 list price; again, we have a 10% discount for members, so it is $176 via OHIONET.

What do you need to do?

If you are interested in becoming a new participant in this group, please contact Mary Conroy (maryc@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 16) to confirm your quote or ask questions. Our group begins in November, so subscriptions after November will be pro-rated through October 31, 2014.

New group participants will also be asked to sign a license with ALA. Please contact Mary for details regarding the license.