We are glad to welcome our newest members, St. Clairsville Public Library and McKinley Memorial Library.

St. Clairsville Public Library

The St. Clairsville Public Library was organized in 1938 through the efforts of many citizens and the Rotary Club of St. Clairsville.

The Library strives to provide materials and services that augment the recreational, leisure, cultural, historical, social, educational and intellectual needs of the residents of its service area.  The library serves as a learning center for all ages and places special emphasis on stimulating the young child’s interest and appreciation for reading and learning.

Please join us in welcoming St. Clairsville Public Library to OHIONET.  To learn more about their library visit their website at http://stclibrary.org/newsite and don't forget to like them on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/STCLibrary.

McKinley Memorial Library

McKinley Memorial Library is a free public library for the community of Niles and beyond, providing current materials, community information, and services to help residents obtain information to meet their personal, educational,and professional needs. It is located alongside the McKinley Memorial and Museum, as well as the Birthplace Home and Research Center of William McKinley, our 25th U.S. President.

Please join us in welcoming McKinley Memorial Library to OHIONET.  To learn more about their library visit their website at http://www.mckinley.lib.oh.us and don't forget to like them on Facebook.

OCLC offers WorldShare Interlibrary Loan training in multiple formats. Courses and resources are available at no charge to member libraries with a resource sharing subscription. Reserve your spot in these upcoming classes:

This course is part of a series to help transition member libraries already familiar with WorldCat Resource Sharing and its functionality to OCLC’s new WorldShare ILL service.
This course is part of a series to help transition member libraries already familiar with WorldCat Resource Sharing and its functionality to OCLC’s new WorldShare ILL service.
This course is designed to help member libraries optimize use of the service by setting up Custom Holdings in WorldShare ILL (WSILL). Use of custom holdings offers the benefit of partially-automating the borrowing workflow. We recommend taking this course after completing the Worldshare ILL Borrowing and Worldshare ILL Lending courses.
This course is designed to help member libraries optimize use of the service by setting up Deflection in WorldShare ILL (WSILL). Use of Deflection offers the benefit of partially-automating the lending workflow. We recommend taking this course after completing the Worldshare ILL Borrowing and Worldshare ILL Lending courses.

Be sure to visit the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan Training Resources page for additional tutorials, recorded sessions, and training updates. Also, bookmark the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan Support page for quick access to documentation, release notes, and known issues.

Prefer to get started on your own? Go ahead and select the WorldShare ILL Learning Path that’s right for you.

Questions or suggestions? Contact the OCLC Training Team.

We are pleased to announce a new opportunity for OHIONET members through Thieme Publishers.

Based on the participation we coordinated for eJournal packages earlier this year, we are also able to offer discounts on the Thieme E-book Library for Medical Education, Thieme Teaching Assistants, and Thieme's Winking SkullPro interactive self-study tool.

Thieme E-Book Library

The Thieme E-Book Library is a web-based platform providing online access to textbooks and color atlases in medicine and the life sciences.

The library contains 73 unique titles books as of January 2014, and is updated twice per year with new titles and new editions.

The annual license fee provides institution-wide online access and includes unlimited downloads of full books to Authorized Users’ lap tops, iPads, and Android tablets for use offline. A free app is available to patrons for off-line mobile devices.

New books and new editions are included in the annual license fee.

There is no duplication of content with the Thieme Clinical Collections (Thieme’s platform for clinical E-Books).

The full title list (inclusive Doody scores and URLs) is available here.

Thieme Teaching Assistants

The Thieme Teaching Assistant platform is a web-based presentation tool for faculty, researchers, and students. The interactive platform provides access to images for download, manipulation, or live presentation. Faculty can develop custom course materials which can be hosted on a protected intranet for their students.

Access is available institution-wide for an annual license fee. The license includes unlimited download of images for use in presentations, posters, research papers and online course packs.

The tool is currently available in 4 subject areas: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, and Pharmacology.


WinkingSkullPro is an interactive self-study tool designed for students in the field of anatomy, containing over 2000 exquisite images from the Thieme Atlas of Anatomy (Gilroy) in addition to clinical MRI and CT radiographs and multiple choice questions. Developed as an interactive study aid it allows students to learn and test themselves to gauge their progress. When licensed as a companion to the Thieme Teaching Assistant: Anatomy, a significant discount applies (50%).

Offer Details

Pricing is based on institution status (medical school, non-medical school, or hospital) and enrollment (for medical schools). Additional discounts are available to libraries that commit to a 3-year license or that license multiple products.  Trials and quotes are available on request.

Thieme eJournals Still Available

OHIONET is still able to add participants to our opt-in groups for Thieme chemistry journals and Thieme medical journals.  

A list of the chemistry package titles can be found here. A list of the medical package titles can be found here. Pricing is also available on request.

For further information about these offers, please contact Christine Morris (christinem@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 29) or Mary Conroy (maryc@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 16).

OHIONET has been working with Mango since the transition of that content from statewide contract in July. Several schools have become a part of our group, and we are working with Mango to provide opportunity for more schools to join this year.

As part of that work, we have established an offer for our members that starts now and will run through July. In brief, it includes an additional 20% off their standard discount to OHIONET, plus access to their new Mango Premiere movie-based language learning module, free access from the time of commitment to July 31, and deferred billing until the new fiscal year.

The full details of this offer are available on request.

There is one more webinar scheduled for June 11 at 2:00 to give an overview of the new content since last year. If you would like a trial to see for yourself, or if you have questions about the offer, please contact Christine Morris at christinem@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 29.

It is that busy time of year again - spring and renewal time!   Many of the eResource subscriptions that OHIONET handles for our libraries usually run from July 1 to June 30th.  Thanks to all who confirmed their renewals or let us know about changes promptly. Invoices have been sent June 1.

If you haven't yet renewed your summer database subscriptions, you should go to review your Current Renewals online and place the renewal or cancellation. Contact us if you need your logon credentials.  

This is also a good time to add to your collection. Don't hesitate to ask us about possible titles. Please see these pages on our website for product titles and updates:

Thank you all who participate in our eResources programs.  This collaboration helps you and fellow members save time and money while building customized quality library collections!

This June our current subscribers to McGraw-Hill's AccessMedicine will have easy trial access to ClinicalAccess, the new point-of-care resource for healthcare professionals.

Trial:     http://clinicalaccess.mhmedical.com

(IP recognition access for our AccessMedicine subscribers, others may register)

Trial Dates:   May 29, 2014 - June 30, 2014


Product Information: see  About ClinicalAccess

Please contact OHIONET to arrange a demo or for price quotes.

OHIONET is offering discount pricing on ear buds to its members.

Economy Ear Buds
Light-weight, mini ear bud design
- L-shaped 3.5 mm stereo plug
- Use with MP3, CD, DVD players; computers; Playaways®
- Cord Length is 50" (may vary +/- 2")

                                                                                                                                    Member Price
 Ear Bud Headphones One Set (2 Earbuds)  Available, as shown, in black                    $ 0.99 ea.*
*Minimum Order of 100 Sets
Free Shipping

OHIONET Prices Good Through Monday, June 30, 2014

For product availability, questions, or to place an order,  
contact Pam Rossman, 800-686-8975 x 10 or email pamr@ohionet.org
To see what other products OHIONET has to offer, go to:  http://www.ohionet.org/products

A telephone, along with a computer, is one of the most important tools in business. After 6 years of using our old phones, staff at OHIONET are now using a new telephone system. Twenty new desk phones and four conference phones were purchased from RingCentral earlier this year.

What was not purchased was a phone router or other management hardware. This is important because, unlike the previous in-house phone system, all the centralized hardware and software are hosted and managed entirely off-site by RingCentral. As a result, there is a lot less administration for OHIONET staff to worry about: hardware or software upgrades and updates, configuration changes, and other suppport issues are handled outside our network by RingCentral.

Even though the management of the phone system itself is taken off our hands, there are still many configurations options accessible to staff to personalize their phones. Some of these are done through the phone itself, but many more are available to staff when they log into the RingCentral web site on their computer. This makes our phones look more like a computer application.

From any computer inside or outside our network, staff can make configurations changes for their phone, access their activity log, and get their messages. There is also a softphone application that can be downloaded and installed on their computers, which can be used with a headset and microphone so staff don't have to use the desk phone sitting next to their computer. And yes, there is even a mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.

The new phones have many options for familiar features as well as some new features we have not seen before. Calls can be forwarded to a number of other devices such as smartphones or home phones, all of which can ring in sequence or simultaneously. These settings can be set to change for non-business hours. We used to have only conference phone with one conference number. Now we have four conference phones, each of which has its unique conference number that supports up to 1,000 attendees. In fact, each staff desk phone also can be used as a conference phone with unique conference number.

The feature I like the best is called call "flip." Flipping lets me transfer a call from my desk phone to my smartphone should I find that I need to go to some other part of the office while I am on the phone. This happens to me quite often. An alternative is to use the standard call park feature, but I would have to hope that there is a nearby phone that I can use to continue the conversation. The call flip feature gives me that extra convenience that I really appreciate.

We hope that sharing our experience with our new phone system helps you, too.  Please let us know what you think of the new system, and don't hesitate to share your thoughts for improving your experience.

Authority Control.  In today’s fast-paced world of eBooks, social media use, and other more glamorous library news, it’s easy to overlook this fundamental building block.  However, authority control, along with a properly authorized library catalog, is the key to patrons and staff being able to quickly locate items in our collections.  If you’ve never thought much about authority control, then maybe it’s time to revisit this.  Let’s take a quick look!

Authority Control Explained

While most of us are well aware of MARC and the underlying structure of a MARC record, authority control, both as a process and in functional usage, is a little bit different.  In a general sense, authority control can be thought of as providing a standard method by which we can identify materials information, usually by author, title, subject heading or other identifier.  These headings are standardized across our automated system, providing consistency and stability. 

One classic example of this is the author Samuel Clemens, also known by his pen name of Mark Twain.  With a properly authorized catalog, your patrons can look for either of these names and then be directed to the proper set of titles that you may have available.  Authority control, or the linking of multiple author names in this case, allows this to happen.  This is done both by the existence of authority records in your current ILS system as well as the standardized headings found in the individual records themselves.

It’s A Mess!

However, our record metadata and subsequent authority file information can quickly become a mess if not maintained on a consistent basis.  For those of us who may have switched ILS systems at some point, or who know that our records are not always catalogued correctly, this can quickly become very apparent.  Dead-end records, no author or keyword linkages, and the lack of finding well-known titles are just a few symptoms of the lack of authority control.  If you’ve experienced this, maybe it’s time you considered some authority work.

Next Steps?

So knowing that authority control is essential...what’s your plan?  While it may be easy to think of authority control as a one-time project, nothing could be farther from the truth.  Records change, authors update names, and new subject headings come into use quite frequently.  It’s essential that your library have both a plan and a process to update your bibliographic records as well as to establish ongoing authority record infusions, helping to keep things fresh and easily found.    

When To Start?

Realistically, there’s no better time than the present!  This is where your OHIONET membership can really help.  Working with our staff of experts and ongoing cataloging training classes, we can quickly help you get up to speed.  Our experience with libraries and vendors such as OCLC, Backstage Library Works, and LTI can benefit both your library and your patrons. We’ll take the time to work with you and establish a plan and procedure to get your library up to speed at a minimum of cost!

Talk to you next month!



OHIONET is pleased to announce special pricing for McGraw-Hill's ClinicalAccess, a brand new point-of-care resource for hospitals and healthcare practitioners. 

Authoritative, affordable and convenient, ClinicalAccess provides quick, accurate answers to more than 120,000 medical questions for decision-making in patient care.  Images and media are integrated into the answers.  The responsive web design adapts to the device the physicians or healthcare professionals are using, for best viewing and navigation.  It is easy to quickly filter and narrow a search, or to link to more information in AccessMedicine and other McGraw-Hill Medical Access products, or jump to a related topic or to latest clinical evidence. 

For latest topics, see Topics.

For more details please see: AboutClinicalAccess

Trial:     May 28, 2014 - June 30, 2014   http://clinicalaccess.mhmedical.com/ 

(for our AccessMedicine subscribers)


Please contact OHIONET for a demo or price quotes at memserv@ohionet.org.