African American Experience

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Developed with the guidance of African American librarians and subject specialists, The African American Experience (AAE) is the widest ranging and easiest-to-use online database collection on African American history and culture. The African American experience encompasses the contributions of myriad individuals from the black community who have achieved success in the arts, science, business, the military, and in politics as well as nameless others that endured the travails of slavery and institutionalized discrimination. A collection that taps a tremendous variety of sources is required to cover a topic of this magnitude and the importance to understanding African American history and its relation to greater U.S. history. The African American Experience is the definitive electronic research tool for African American history and culture. Now benefiting from improved search functions and a simpler, more consistent learning platform, this ever-expanding collection provides the highest-level of scholarship in the field. This database meets two primary design goals: to provide reliable information from expert contributors; and to allow African Americans to illustrate their experiences through a wealth of primary sources. Drawing on multiple titles and assembled with the guidance of leading librarians, AAE gives voice to the African American experience from its African origins to the present day. This vast and accessible database covers history, biographies, literature, arts, music, popular culture, folklore, business, slavery, the struggle for civil rights, politics, sports, education, science, medicine, and other themes. The Analyze sections are specifically designed to initiate critical thinking and provide instructors with everything needed for lively, historical inquiry lessons. And like all of ABC-CLIO's electronic products, The African American Experience is regularly updated with new content, additional documents, and innovative multimedia to ensure that it continues to be the most active and dynamic resource available. This resource is available in formats designed specifically for academic libraries or public and K-12 libraries. The Academic database includes a feature titled "Idea Exchange." This collection of peer-reviewed articles presents multiple perspectives on core topics and is designed to encourage deeper scholarly exploration and discussion. The articles serve as models of well-constructed argumentative essays. And, they are citable for college- and university-level research papers. Users will find current MLA 7th edition, Chicago 15th ed., and APA 6th edition citation options to help simplify the bibliographic process. Tools for use of the online databases: ABC-CLIO Tools for Middle and High School LibrariesABC-CLIO Tools for Higher Education Libraries

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