American History

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From the explorers of the Americas to the issues of today's headlines, American History investigates the people, events, and stories of our nation's evolution. Middle school students and high school researchers need more than a timeline of what happened in our nation's history. They need a deeper understanding of America's complex story--its precontact origins, westward expansion, social movements, internal conflicts, and contemporary defining moments--in order to grasp the significance of what's going on around them today. American History goes far beyond simply providing names and dates to memorize; it illuminates American politics, science, culture, philosophy, and economics to make the subjects as fascinating and engaging as they should be. From the Civil War to Woodstock, this authoritative and recently updated database explores the ongoing development of the United States, putting past events in context with modern times to initiate critical thinking. Aligned with major textbooks and research-driven best practice, the latest version of ABC-CLIO's American History database stands alone as a complete American history library collection that is also a dependable online resource for research-ready reference, projects, and exam preparation. The exclusive Analyze sections draw students into the subject matter, allowing them to truly comprehend the challenges of the past and gives them the foundation they need for lively, historical inquiry. Students and general researchers will both appreciate the improved search capabilities, easier navigation, and permalink functionality of American History. Created in collaboration with scholars, educators, and librarians, the database is specifically designed to make research faster, allowing readers to learn more in less time. This resource is available in formats designed specifically for academic libraries or public and K-12 libraries. The Academic database includes a feature titled "Idea Exchange." This collection of peer-reviewed articles presents multiple perspectives on core topics and is designed to encourage deeper scholarly exploration and discussion. The articles serve as models of well-constructed argumentative essays. And, they are citable for college- and university-level research papers. Users will find current MLA 7th edition, Chicago 15th ed., and APA 6th edition citation options to help simplify the bibliographic process. Tools for use of the online databases:

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