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This resource is available through OHIONET as part of the Library and Consortia Resource Collection. When you need to find anyone or anything in the library community, this is the place to turn to. Includes details for more than 36,000 public, academic, special, and government libraries and library-related organizations in the U.S. and Canada. Addresses, phone and fax numbers, email addresses, network participation,expenditures, holdings, special collections, key personnel, special services, and more are provided. ALD lets you: Locate libraries, consortia, library schools, colleagues, resources, and qualified prospects with ease. Search by library type or location to identify librariesand special collections. Identify all libraries that meet certain criteria--holdings,staff size, expenditures, income, and more--with asingle search Combine search categories to meet the most complexand exhaustive library research needs. Compare other libraries' facilities, services, andexpenditures with yours. Find consortium libraries or networks for interlibraryloans, information, or membership.

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