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News happens everywhere, from small towns to big cities across the United States. America's News enables library patrons to pinpoint information on people, issues and events in the local area or around the country. This comprehensive resource offers tens of millions of current and archived full-text articles from news sources nationwide in a single, fully searchable online database. It includes the complete electronic editions of more than 2,100 local, regional, and national news sources and news video clips, featuring 50 titles from the state of Ohio-with 85% of these sources not available in any other library database. Librarians recognize newspaper collections as a valuable and widely used resource. America's News provides patrons with authoritative, staff-written coverage of local and national topics, along with specific articles, obituaries, statistics, video clips, quotations, facts, analysis and much more. With unlimited access to America's News from all library workstations and remote access 24/7 for most titles, patrons can freely search, browse, print, save and email full-text articles without a per-article fee. Beyond, America's News can be enhanced with the addition of a variety of specialized, cross-searchable news and information resources that address specific areas of interest.

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