America's Obituaries and Death Notices

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Each day, America’s Obituaries & Death Notices collects records from more than 3,530 newspapers nationwide, making them available through one fully searchable database. This comprehensive resource features nearly 55 million listings—this is about 90% of all recent obituaries and death notices published in the United States. Each record in America’s Obituaries & Death Notices is individually indexed, providing bibliographic citation information: the news source's name, date, city, state, edition and page number. Also, an intuitive, map-based interface enables librarians and researchers to search specific cities, states, regions or the entire country. Both the indexing and the map-based interface ensure faster, more accurate search results and are offered only by NewsBank. Easy-to-use search fields—including name, publication date and keyword—enable librarians and researchers to pinpoint specific information, and helpful search hints guide users with tips and techniques on how to execute searches. Users of America’s Obituaries & Death Notices also have the ability to truncate names to identify spelling variations, and the powerful search engine supports Boolean, proximity and wildcard searches. New content is added daily. Obituaries are the No. 1 requested piece of information in libraries. America’s Obituaries & Death Notices provides a wealth of valuable information on the deceased’s occupation, avocation, education, military service, religious affiliation and more, as well as the deceased’s family members and colleagues nationwide.

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