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Backstage Library Works provides professional and technical services to libraries, museums, and archives around the world. From authority control and cataloging to digitization and meta data, Backstage can help improve access to your collections. 

OHIONET offers a discount program for libraries who use Backstage's MARS™ Authority Control services. 
MARS™ Authority Control Service

Formerly OCLC® MARS Authority Control, Backstage's MARS™ service is one of the oldest and most reliable authority control offerings on the market. A user-friendly web interface, enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and customization allows you to manage your authority records easier than before.
Backstage offers name and subject authority control based on the Library of Congress name and subject authority databases. The authority control process standardizes name, subject, series, and uniform title headings.

MARS 2.0 Planning guide
Click here for a PDF version of the planning guide. This document will explain, in full detail, Backstage's authority control process.

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