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Biomicrofluidics (BMF) is an online-only journal published by AIP Publishing to rapidly disseminate research in fundamental physicochemical mechanisms associated with microfluidic and nanofluidic phenomena. BMF also publishes research in unique microfluidic and nanofluidic techniques for diagnostic, medical, biological, pharmaceutical, environmental, and chemical applications.

BMF offers quick publication, multimedia capability, and worldwide circulation among academic, national, and industrial laboratories. With a primary focus on high-quality original research articles, BMF also organizes special sections that help explain and define specific challenges unique to the interdisciplinary field of biomicrofluidics.

  • Microfluidic and nanofluidic actuation (electrokinetics, acoustofluidics, optofluidics, capillary)
  • Liquid Biopsy (microRNA profiling, circulating tumor cell isolation, exosome isolation, circulating tumor DNA quantification)
  • Cell sorting, manipulation, and transfection (di/electrophoresis, magnetic beads, optical traps, electroporation)
  • Molecular Separation and Concentration (isotachophoresis, concentration polarization, di/electrophoresis, magnetic beads, nanoparticles)
  • Cell culture and analysis(single cell assays, stimuli response, stem cell transfection)
  • Genomic and proteomic analysis (rapid gene sequencing, DNA/protein/carbohydrate arrays)
  • Biosensors (immuno-assay, nucleic acid fluorescent assay, colorimetric assay, enzyme amplification, plasmonic and Raman nano-reporter, molecular beacon, FRET, aptamer, nanopore, optical fibers)
  • Biophysical transport and characterization (DNA, single protein, ion channel and membrane dynamics, cell motility and communication mechanisms, electrophysiology, patch clamping)
  • Wetting, nano-rheology, and droplet platforms (digital PCR and digital droplet platforms, surface acoustic waves, surface patterning)
  • Pathogen detection and point-of-care diagnostics (molecular diagnostics, polymer biochips, paper-based assays, membrane chips, dip-stick, hybrid designs)
  • Ionophore sensors(membranes, gel, electrochemical)
  • Biochip fabrication and manufacturing (3D architecture, 3D prototyping, paper devices, polymer chips, glass chips, lateral flow chips)
  • Drug delivery and discovery platforms (high throughput screening platforms, biomarker/pathway discovery, gene/cell therapy)
  • Biomaterials synthesis and tissue engineering (flow focusing, nanofiber electrospinning, hydrogel scaffolds, wearable sensors)
  • Fuel and solar cells (biofuel cells, dye-sensitized solar cells, direct methanol fuel cells, energy harvesting devices)

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