March Specials on E-Resources

We'd like to remind you about deadlines in March for joining groups and for best pricing on certain E-Resources for academic libraries.

  • AAAS Titles - We have a consortium deal which renews soon. You may join the group or add titles before March 20. This includes Science Online and the newly released Science Signaling with early bird pricing as well as ScienceExpress and ScienceClassic.
  • HW Wilson Databases - You can still get lower 2008 pricing if you order before March 27th. Readers Guide and other retrospective databases are on special with a 15% discount.
  • BioMedCentral - Faculty 1000 and The Scientist will now be subscription only. If you order before March 30th, there is a 30% discount.
  • Gale Global Issues in Context - new product with early bird pricing before March 31st (a trial is available). A webinar is scheduled on March 26th. See:
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Religion Online - group deal - we need at least ten libraries to participate by March 27th in order for all to get special pricing.

Please contact Mary Conroy at 800-686-8975 ext. 16 or to order, or to request additional information.