Changes to the Electronic Collections Online from OCLC


OCLC has decided to discontinue new and renewal sales of Electronic Collections Online e-journals and will move existing content from the service to archive-only access on February 1, 2012.


This move is a continuation of a strategy announced in March 2010 to discontinue hosting and reselling content in order to focus resources on developing superior discovery-to-delivery of content on vendor-neutral services. Since then, OCLC has transitioned most of the content previously available on the FirstSearch service to other providers and have expanded access to the remaining content through, WorldCat Local and WorldCat Local “quick start.” Transitioning Electronic Collections Online content to archive-only access further supports this strategy.  


Effective immediately, OCLC will no longer accept subscriptions or renewals to Electronic Collections Online e-journal content, and OCLC will stop adding new content to the service on February 1, 2012. Libraries may continue to provide access to the content from their past Electronic Collections Online e-journal subscriptions by maintaining an access account to the service archive. For an annual access fee, libraries can continue to provide access to the electronic articles included in their past subscriptions.


Authenticated users may continue to search the Electronic Collections Online bibliographic database on FirstSearch,, WorldCat Local and WorldCat Local “quick start” and link to the full-text articles they identify through their searches. In addition, they may include the Electronic Collections Online database in a single search across multiple databases within these services. Articles in Electronic Collections e-journal subscriptions will continue to be available to authenticated users as a source of full-text linking within the service as well. Per-article purchase of Electronic Collections Online e-journal articles will end on January 31, 2012.


OCLC has informed subscribers of this change via a letter mailing the week of August 8.  This letter refers them to OCLC Order Services ( for additional information and to request access to the Electronic Collections Online archive.


As OCLC moves forward with the development of cloud-based services, OCLC staff will continue work on behalf of  members to provide access to as much quality content as possible through these services. 


Please contact Brian Cannan with any questions about this transition.