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There's still time to take advantage of some great training opportunities before the end of November!

Customer Service in Organizational Culture

Webinar: November 15th, 2017 at 4pm with Matthew Dyer

Have you ever tried to implement a customer service initiative, only to have it fizzle? How is customer service impacted when an organization says one thing, but does another? Does organizational culture really eat strategy for breakfast? This webinar will explore these concepts and give attendees an opportunity to start reflecting on these questions as it refers to their own organizations.

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Getting to the Real News: Finding Answers to Patron Questions in EBSCOhost

Webinar: November 28th, 2017 at 3pm with Joe Ceterski

Through the Ohio Web Library, your patrons have access to a treasure-trove of accurate resources. Learn how to make the most of the EBSCOhost resources available, including popular reading magazines through MasterFILE and scholarly journals through Academic Search Premier. In this complimentary session, Joe Ceterski, EBSCO trainer, will demonstrate how to find answers to common patron questions. Feel free to bring questions as well. This session is directed to both the novice and the expert to learn advanced searching tips to find the latest and most accurate information.

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