I Didn't Know I Could Do That with My OhioNET Account!

An OhioNET log-in is your quick ticket to exclusive member benefits and support. Did you know that with your OhioNET account you can:

  • Use one-click registration for events

  • Access "members only" information on our website such as eResource previews, discount codes, and more

  • Update your contact information, organizational affiliation and mailing preferences

  • Review your event history (makes documenting continuing education a breeze)

Don't have a log-in yet? Sign up here

Some OhioNET members may also have additional accounts to perform specific functions, which are visible on the right hand side of the login page. These are two distinct accounts to serve specific member needs:

Directors or Fiscal Officers can view statements, invoices, and payment history for OhioNET products and services. Each library has only one designated person for this portal.  

This is the place to renew or cancel your electronic resources and view current and last year's pricing information.  Libraries can have multiple contacts for this portal.  

Need to update contacts for either MyAccount or the Renewals site?  Contact us at ohionet@ohionet.org.