Warm Retirement Wishes for Missy Lodge, Associate State Librarian

We would not normally make public note of the retirement of our colleagues from other library organizations, but we feel we must make an exception for Missy Lodge, who is retiring from the State Library of Ohio at the end of September.

In her various capacities at the State Library of Ohio, Missy has always been a friend to OhioNET and a supporter of our efforts to complement the State Library's work in cross-type collaboration. 

Every Ohio library has been touched by her work over the years--through the ongoing LSTA support of statewide initiatives like Libraries Connect Ohio, Library Leadership Ohio, and ILEAD, as well as individual LSTA program grants that have enabled projects like COOL and the Opioids in Communities, Libraries in Response conferences.

We are glad to have known you, Missy, and we are grateful for your commitment to Ohio libraries for so many years.  Best wishes to you!