Three Questions with Cleveland Institute of Art

Our Three Questions series helps provide insight on projects and aspirations of the Ohio library community through interviews we conduct during our visits.  Earlier this year, Carrie Waibel, OhioNET’s Electronic Resources Program Manager, paid a visit to Cleveland Institute of Art and spoke with Library Director Laura Ponikvar.  As part of the visit, the library was presented with a certificate honoring their 40 years of continuous membership with OhioNET.  We deeply appreciate Cleveland Institute of Art for their longstanding support!

What’s the most exciting project you’re working on right now?

Making it easier for students to access materials by rearranging and opening up the space and providing them with contemporary content that meets their current information needs.  For example, we just started a graphic novel collection that’s been really well received.  Students need pleasure reading too!  We already had some titles, but pulling them out, featuring them, and building the collection with topics students are facing has led to 80% of the collection being checked out at least once. 

What is your library dream?

I wish I could magically expand our space.  We recently turned one former staff office into an open collaborative space, but we always need more space.  For being a single building campus, we aim to organize efficiently.  I also would like to see more collaboration between the library and other departments to help encourage active learning and instruction with our students.

What are you currently reading?

Independent People by Halldór Laxness.  I also enjoy audiobooks on my commute, and I recently listed to a non-fiction political book.