OhioNET Announces New Technology in People Counters From Sensource

OhioNET introduces a new chapter in People Counters from Sensource at $100.00 below list price through the month of November.

The PC-VIDX-S People Counter

Designed to cover the broadest range of applications, the VIDX series people counters use 3D advanced stereo vision tracking technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) refines the already accurate sensing technology with a deep learning network, making it the most accurate system available.


  • Mounting Heights Between 7.5 to 19ft
  • Greater than 97% accuracy guarantee
  • Flexible Privacy Configurations
  • Employee exclusion capability
  • Powered by a standard PoE connection
  • Stitch up to 9 sensors with no additional hardware required


  • Perimeter Counting
  • Dwell Time Analysis
  • Queue Management
  • Occupancy
SenSource Inc. also provides libraries with Vea Analytics Software, a program that analyzes the data collected by your library people counters. Vea Analytics Software allows you to learn more about your library, analyzing visitation trends and traffic patterns, so you can make important decisions with more insight and information. With the customizable dashboard, you can track specific data trends and monitor important numbers. This hosted solution eliminates the hassle of managing software and can be accessed anywhere using a web login, making it a perfect component to your library people counter.  This is part of the technology needed for the PC-VIDX-S and must be purchased to complete the system.  
For more information about this People Counter and VEA Analytics Software, please click on the link below:

OhioNET Member Pricing is as follows:

PC-VIDX-S People Counter  $795.00 each

Vea Analytics Software Reporting Service and Support $180.00 per people counter per year

Shipping and Handling Charges Apply
Mounting supplies needed for installation are determined by the vendor and available at an additional cost
Offer is valid through Friday, November 29, 2019
For more information and to receive an official quote
designed specifically for your library
please contact Pam Rossman
or at 800-686-8975 x10