OhioNET News

OHIONET has successfully gathered more than ten academic libraries for a special consortium price for the Gale Encyclopedia of Religion Online. Access will start in April.   This version is the online equivalent of the second print edition -- a 15-volume set.  Our discount is  at least 50% off list pricing for this one time purchase price.

Brochure: http://www.gale.cengage.com/brochure/EncyReligion10404.pdf

Fact sheet: http://www.gale.cengage.com/pdf/facts/EncyReligion.pdf

Since we met the minimum group requirement, now all academic library members may participate--regardless of size or whether you have the print version or not--all at the same per library price.

Thanks to all who replied and helped us form the group.  This  saves money for all the participating libraries.  Library patrons will surely appreciate the convenient online access to this  multi-volume acclaimed reference work.

We are still able to add new subscriptions at the special price, so if you are interested and have not yet joined this group, please contact Mary Conroy at 800-686-8975 Ext. 16 or maryc@ohionet.org.




We'd like to remind you about deadlines in March for joining groups and for best pricing on certain E-Resources for academic libraries.

  • AAAS Titles - We have a consortium deal which renews soon. You may join the group or add titles before March 20. This includes Science Online and the newly released Science Signaling with early bird pricing as well as ScienceExpress and ScienceClassic.
  • HW Wilson Databases - You can still get lower 2008 pricing if you order before March 27th. Readers Guide and other retrospective databases are on special with a 15% discount.
  • BioMedCentral - Faculty 1000 and The Scientist will now be subscription only. If you order before March 30th, there is a 30% discount.
  • Gale Global Issues in Context - new product with early bird pricing before March 31st (a trial is available). A webinar is scheduled on March 26th. See: www.gale.com/webevents
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Religion Online - group deal - we need at least ten libraries to participate by March 27th in order for all to get special pricing.

Please contact Mary Conroy at 800-686-8975 ext. 16 or maryc@ohionet.org to order, or to request additional information.

I2C Technologies, a leader in intelligent, IP-video surveillance systems has partnered with OHIONET to provide IP video surveillance and access control solutions to OHIONET’s library community.

OHIONET's first installation of an I2C product is at the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Library located in Fremont, Ohio. Rebecca Hill, Head Librarian at the Rutherford B. Hayes library said, "The new IP cameras will allow us to monitor designated areas from any secure network connection. OHIONET targeted I2C Technologies after a request from our Library and we are enthusiastic about the new partnership."

To find out more details about the partnership between OHIONET and I2C, check out the press release.

If you would like more information and/or pricing on I2C's surveillance systems for your library, please contact Jill Boggs Brust at 800-686-8975 ext. 20 or jillb@ohionet.org for a custom quote.


From H.W. Wilson:

Attend a mini-session and in less than 45 minutes be introduced to the next generation of WilsonWeb.

Register at: www.hwwilson.com/training

WilsonWeb Enhancements

Thursday, March 5 at 2 pm EST
Wednesday, March 18 at 11 am EST
Wednesday, March 18 at 2 pm EST

In January significant software enhancements were added seamlessly to WilsonWeb. A new full-text reader is now available, My WilsonWeb has been expanded, and other database-specific features have been released. This session will focus on those changes and preview Wilson's newest database: Cinema Image Gallery, which Library Journal recently said, \transcends what is normally expected of an online file--even when one has high expectations.\ We promise--you've never seen anything like Cinema Image Gallery. This Oscar-worthy file is sure to satisfy the most ardent cinephile's appetite for quality film-related information. The database includes rare behind-the-scenes footage of the movies your patrons love and links to scholarly, mainstream, and biography material about the films and personalities your patrons are studying.

WilsonWeb Administrator's Module

Tuesday, March 10 at 11 am EST
Tuesday, March 10 at 2 pm EST

Learn how to define user classes, enter custom links, load co-branding images, select interface preferences, manage navigational controls, change display preferences, and much more. Customizing your institution's WilsonWeb interface will be easy after participating in this session.

WilsonWeb Statistics

Thursday, March 26 at 11 am EST
Thursday, March 26 at 2 pm EST

Learn how to set up and schedule a variety of WilsonWeb statistical reports. This meeting will focus on generating the following reports: database usage, journal usage, peak time, IP usage, turnaways, and much more.


Save 20% to 50% on selected Oxford Digital Reference Shelf titles through the end of March.

A complete list of selected titles is available here.

Contact OHIONET (maryc@ohionet.org or christinem@ohionet.org) to get additional details.