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The British Library is the leading document provider with the most comprehensive coverage of material in science, technology, business and humanities with a 24-hour service delivering the material you need at the speed you expect in the format you want. Standard delivery of a copy by mail, fax or secure electronic delivery is $12.50 per article ($12.13 with OHIONET discount). All prices quoted are exclusive of copyright fees. These are charged on most copies supplied, excluding patents, under agreements with the publisher or agent. Certain customers must pay copyright fees; for details, visit Information about copyright. VAT is charged at the appropriate rate where applicable. OHIONET is not able to give a discount on copyright fees; the charges for the copyright fees are a pass through to your library. How to receive the OHIONET discount and convenient OHIONET billing for BLDSC services: If you are not a current British Library customer, fill out both the OHIONET Service Request form and the Customer Registration for The British Library Document Supply Center and return both to OHIONET. In item 3, check "By database hosts" if you will be placing orders through OCLC ILL or FirstSearch. You will receive a welcome kit with everything you need to get started. If you are already a British Library customer, but you are not receiving discounts or billing through OHIONET, complete and return only the OHIONET Service Request form, indicating the details of your current BLDSC account to be converted. OHIONET Service Request Form British Library Customer Request Form

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