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Business Expert Press was founded for business students who need reliable, concise information and guidance from experts across the field of business. Business Expert Press has published 800 titles in 33 different subjects that help students improve their understanding of theories and gain more in-depth knowledge of a particular topic.

The BEP Digital Library has integrity and is a good fit with a broad range of institutions from the research level to community colleges.  The press focuses on a collection of books in areas such as International Business, Strategic Management, Managerial Accounting, Business Ethics, Sports & Entertainment, Business Law, Economics, Marketing, International Business, Corporate Communications, Financial Accounting, Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior, and many more.

The Business Expert Press Digital Library of business disciplines and special topic collections is a revolutionary new compilation of eBooks. Experienced authors present accurate and concise information that students can refer to when they need to put learning into action.

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