Through November 15, OHIONET members can take advantage of a great discount on Maps101! 

Launched in 1998, Maps101 was one of the first online subscriptions services for K-12 schools with the purpose of supplementing and complimenting traditional history, social studies and geography curriculum materials. Maps101.com is a web-based interactive database of teacher lesson plans, geography tools, online learning games, dynamic interactive map modules and over 4,000 viewable and printable history, thematic, reference, outline, current events and animated maps.  Users will discover social studies, Spanish, ELL, ELA, and science content as well.

Maps 101 includes:

  • National Geographic
  • Map Collections
  • World, U.S., and Reference Atlases
  • Spanish Language Content
  • Global Perspectives
  • K-3 Maps
  • Classroom Resources
  • K-12 Learn & Play
  • And more!

Try it now for free by visiting www.maps101.com.  Click the yellow subscriber login and enter the following:

USERNAME:  ohio 
PASSWORD:  trial 

Please contact Carrie Waibel at carriew@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 25 with questions or quote requests.  For product questions, interested parties can contact Kim Lawson at kim.lawson@maps.com.

Earlier this summer, OHIONET relaunched our long-running Fundamentals of Cataloging training series, and the response to our new content and our new workshop leader, Misty Alvaro, has been fantastic.  While we’re thrilled with the positive response, the demand for spaces in these sessions has been intense, and many folks were waitlisted.  To keep pace with the needs of our members, we’re planning to repeat the first three sessions of the series (Introduction and Basic Description, Serials, and Common AV Formats) in October and November.  Dates are still being finalized--check the OHIONET Training Calendar (www.ohionet.org/training-calendar) for the most up-to-date list of our offerings!

Sensource PC-TB12-R Non-Directional Battery Operated

People Counter

The SenSource PC-TB12-R is a stand-alone, non-directional battery-operated people counter. It has a 6-digit LCD counter and internal data logger. This system consists of a photoelectric infrared beam transmitter and receiver which can operate up to 25 feet apart in front or side-firing modes. The counter will increment as the invisible IR beam is broken regardless of the direction of traffic. Child-resistant universal mounting bracket enables operation in front or side firing modes. Easy data collection is available by using either the LCD display or built-in data logger. A USB Software Utility is included to export data in a Microsoft Excel document.

•  Battery-powered sensor installs in minutes
•  6-digit LCD display indicates counter value and setup parameters
•  Built-in data logger stores up to 3,000 records or approximately 33 days at 15 minute increments
•  USB port for configuration and data extraction
•  Adjustable High/Low sensing range to extend battery life of sensor
•  Front-Firing (Opposing Wall mount) or Side-Firing (Door-Frame Mount) in one unit

Sensource PC-TB12-R Non-Directional Battery Operated People Counter
OHIONET Member Price:  $361.25

Shipping:  Starting at $15.00 for 1 People Counter
(Shipping may be slightly higher depending on quantity ordered)

OHIONET Prices Good Through Tuesday, September 30, 2014

For product availability, questions, or to place an order,  
contact Pam Rossman, 800-686-8975 x 10 or email pamr@ohionet.org
To see what other products OHIONET has to offer, go to:  http://www.ohionet.org/products

Naxos Music Library will be launching a brand new app in the beginning of September, which is included at no additional charge to all subscribing libraries.  Users can download the current apps now at Google Play or the Apple iTunes Store, and the new version will download automatically when it becomes available.

To celebrate the launch of their new Naxos Music Library app, Naxos is offering subscription upgrades through September 30 at significantly lower prices.

This is the time to turn a 5-user subscription into 10 users, or break free and go unlimited--you can upgrade now and take 50% off the difference in price, no matter how many users you add to your subscription. Already have unlimited users? Enjoy a premium audio quality upgrade at half off.  New subscribers can take advantage of these savings, too.

Students and faculty will soon be accessing the NML at home, in the car, and anywhere their phone is, and they don’t want anyone turned away from the best collection of music available. Regardless of your current level of subscription, this Naxos offer can provide more bang for your budget dollar.

Just let us know you’d like to take advantage of a subscription upgrade and we’ll work with you to find the best plan.  Contact Christine Morris (christinem@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext.  29) or Carrie Waibel (carriew@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 25) for more information.

Is your library ready to move to e-reference?

  • Do you want to finally weed that print reference shelf once and for all?
  • Do you want to no longer worry about the expense of updating print editions?
  • Do you want to give access to your reference collection to those at home or on the go?
  • Do you want to give your library users unlimited access to your reference shelf in the library or at home?
  • Do you want to put a couch or two where the print reference shelf is now?

Credo Online Reference Service offers over 700 full-text e-books from more than eighty of the world’s best publishers of reference. Their Topic Pages aid discovery of all that your library has to offer to today’s on-the-go YA and adult library users. For citable, updated, online reference content and a place to discover your library’s other e-resource content, Credo is the ideal place to start.

Click here to see the Credo title list.

For a limited time, new subscribers can receive an extra discount off of their first year subscription (5% off in addition to the existing OHIONET discount for 5 new libraries, 10% off for 10+ new libraries).  This offer expires on Monday, September 15, 2014.

Please contact Carrie Waibel, Electronic Resources Coordinator with any questions or pricing information at carriew@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 25.

With July now gone and with the dust settling from ALA and our very own RDA 4 Everyone conference, I’ve had time to bring myself up to speed with the latest announcement from Amazon. In case you haven’t heard, let’s jump right in and take a look!

Announced late last month as a companion service to the many other offerings from Amazon, the new Kindle Unlimited option is making waves throughout the news and social media. Opening up access à la Netflix on over 600,000 eBooks and a smaller number of audiobooks for a set price per month, Amazon is now in competition with other services such as Oyster and Scribd, which offer something similar.

While this isn’t too unusual, the fact that Amazon is the largest in the field is causing heartburn among many and provoking the eternal question about the need for libraries in our so-called digital age. (See the link to an article in Forbes here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2014/07/18/close-the-libraries-and-buy-everyone-an-amazon-kindle-unlimited-subscription).

C’mon, really? Can a digital eBook service really replace story times, job placement information, community learning, author visits and more? Maybe Forbes should read this report from the Pew Research Internet Project: http://www.pewinternet.org/2014/03/13/library-engagement-typology. Of particular interest is this little bit of information I found: “…90% of Americans ages 16 and older say that the closing of their local public library would have an impact on their community…” Upshot? Folks like their local library!

In the end, while Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited is probably a good service for some, this still can’t replace the library, a lifeline to our communities that freely provides access to information for all.

Talk to you next month!

I was honored to be selected for Library Leadership Ohio 2014.  This year's intensive, 3-day retreat featured some amazing speakers from all across the country, including past-ALA president Barbara Stripling, members of Ivy Library Consultants, and Nate Hill, Deputy Director at Chattanooga Public Library.  Check out Chattanooga's 4th Floor if you want to feel inspired about ways to use library space.

Library Leadership Ohio emphasized creating meaningful projects with measurable outcomes while developing our leadership skills.  Projects that are being developed as a result of this retreat include a multi-library type free un-conference called "All For Un" that allows for an informal sharing of ideas without the traditional restricitions attending annual conferences would entail.  

The most valuable part of the conference to me was the opportunity for networking.  The energy of so many ambitious leaders in the same place was electric, and I was so impressed with the amazing plans my colleagues have to improve our Ohio libraries.


McGraw-Hill Medical User Services will present a webinar series on their "Access" line of medical resources in August.   Among the highlights, they'll show how to use the new federated search feature to search multiple Access sites.  They will also demonstrate how to use premier texts and the collection of videos and diagnostic tools in the Access products.

Libraries that subcsribe to or are considering AccessMedicine, AccessPharmacy, AccessEmergencyMedicine, AccessSurgery, AccessAnesthesiology, AccessPediatrics, AccessPhysiotherapy or JAMAEvidence will find these sessions helpful.

For details and to register see: McGraw-Hill Webinar Series on Access Resources in August.

Since spring and summer have zoomed by, did you miss the July deadline for the Rittenhouse discount offer? No worries. OHIONET members now have through September 30th for these exceptional savings on Rittenhouse health science eBooks and print books from 60 STM publishers.

The highlight of the offer is that you receive a 22% discount on one print order (excepting Elsevier Health Sciences titles) and one R2 Digital Library order during this period (now extended from April through September 30th for OHIONET Members). Put all your selections on one print order and on one eBook order to get the most benefit from this special discount.

Additionally, OHIONET has an ongoing discount on the R2 Digital Platform annual fee--our consortia members save over 60% on the regular hosting fee.

For an overview of the R2 platform, you can watch the R2 YouTube video at any time.

For the discount code, for more information, or for a demo, contact Mary Conroy (maryc@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 16) or Christine Morris (christinem@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 29) at OHIONET.

OHIONET has a trial to the Thieme E-Book Library through August 15th. These medical textbooks are known for outstanding full-color illustrations and instructive text. Specialties are: anatomy, clinical sciences, physical therapy, and radiology.  For the trial password, please contact Mary Conroy (maryc@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 16) or Christine Morris (christinem@ohionet.org or 800-686-8975, ext. 29) at OHIONET.

More information about our current offers from Thieme, including discounts on the Thieme E-Book Library, may be found in our earlier blog posting:  Thieme for eResources for Medical Education.