Business & Law

Nuwav Legal Documents

Our goal at NUWAV Legal Documents is to provide documents that meet the needs of the everyday Citizen. Easily compose documents in categories like Business, Contracts, Landlord/Tenant disputes, Divorce and much, much more. Our Divorce Interview feature guides you step by step through the process, saving gigantic amounts of time and treasure. At NUWAV Legal Documents, we believe that providing Citizens with access to legal documents reduces the "justice gap" in America.

IBISWorld Procurement Research Reports

IBISWorld's Procurement Research Reports cover hundreds of indirect purchasing lines. IBISWorld's data and analysis help you strategically engage and negotiate with suppliers and give you the credibility to work with internal stakeholders and executives so you can better control the sourcing process.

Our reports range from 15 to 20 pages in length and contain data and analysis related to product or service pricing dynamics, product characteristics that affect the purchasing decision, supplier benchmarking and supply chain risks, and negotiation questions and tactics.


SAGE Stats

Help your students discover dynamic data with nearly 14,000 current and historical data series on U.S. states, counties, cities, ZIP Codes, and metropolitan areas with SAGE Stats.

Harmonizing carefully-vetted data from over 250+ private and public sources into the same format on our easy-to-use platform, researchers from novice to expert have the power and context they need. There are no limitations on data downloading or exporting—download data tables in XLS or CSV, and visualizations in JPG or PNG formats.


SAGE Business Cases

SAGE Business Cases is the robust digital collection of business cases tailored to library needs – providing faculty, students and researchers with unlimited access to over 3,000 authoritative cases from over 100 countries. Featuring both SAGE Original Cases and cases from an impressive list of twenty global content partners. Campus-wide access provides easy discovery without the need for per-case purchase, saving students money.


ProQuest Entrepreneurship

This database bridges theory with practice, covering a wide spectrum of resources useful to educators, researchers, students and practitioners. Content ranges from the scholarly - including journals, dissertations, working papers and conference proceedings - to a full toolkit of practical guides, templates, forms, sample business plans and tips from successful entrepreneur in a wide range of formats - from video to downloadable Word and Excel files, as well as traditional text and PDFs.


Demographics Now: Business and People

A powerful online subscription resource, DemographicsNow: Business & People connects users with a wealth of highly detailed demographic data that spans the entire United States--making it ideal for gaining consumer and market insight for opening a business, finding an untapped audience for products/services, analyzing the shifts and needs of a given population, and much more. The product's superior reporting capability enables users to easily and rapidly produce a variety of compiled reports--both standard and custom--to help in making informed and accurate decisions.


Forbes Archive

Forbes Magazine Archive is the world’s only complete digital version of the Forbes backfile. With coverage starting at the magazine’s first issue in 1917, the archive offers 70 years’ worth of content not available on any other EBSCO full-text product. Forbes has delivered key insight on the business and financial world for nearly a century. With EBSCO’s Forbes Magazine Archive, researchers have unrivaled electronic access to the world’s best business news.

Bloomberg Businessweek Archive

Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine Archive is the world’s only complete digital version of the Businessweek backfile. With coverage starting at the magazine’s first issue in 1929, the archive contains more than 65 years' worth of content not available on any other EBSCO full-text product. Bloomberg Businessweek has been a leading business and financial news magazine for both business managers and consumers since 1929. Like all of EBSCO's magazine archives, Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine Archive provides researchers cover-to-cover coverage, including all advertisements.