Career Readiness

Expert Insights

The one constant in today’s global business environment is change. For a business to remain competitive, it, too, must change. And whether that change is successful depends on how well its people adapt to change and harness it to their own and their company’s advantage. Expert Insights are short articles designed to provide readers with a professional “tune-up” no matter what your job or area of study might be.

Films On Demand: Master Career & Technical Education Package

How does a hybrid car engine compare to a gas engine? How do construction blueprints differ from electrical blueprints? What’s the best way to connect IT networks that use different protocols? The hundreds of titles in this collection will help prepare students interested in vocational trades, including construction, cosmetology, communication, agriculture, applied engineering, and more.


Exploring Career Clusters Online

Covering 16 broad occupational categories with specially made videos and engaging narrative, Exploring Career Clusters Online offers information on more than 300 jobs. Based on the Career Clusters created by the U.S. Department of Education, each Learning Unit focuses on a specific cluster, including architecture and construction, finance, hospitality and tourism, information technology, manufacturing, and many more.


Cypress Resume

Bust on a surface next to a stack of books Join hundreds of libraries in the U.S. and Canada. When a patron with limited computer and writing skills needs help with a resume, librarians are often faced with a choice: either provide them with a large amount of help (time) or send them home empty handed or with a sub-standard document they composed themselves. With Cypress there is no need to choose! The patrons leaves with a professional quality resume and your time is free to do other tasks. All for an amazing value.


Top Careers with a Two-Year Degree Online

Featuring informative videos made specifically to complement the detailed text, Top Careers with a Two-Year Degree Online covers the many in-demand careers in various industries that require only an associate’s degree. Learning Units, correlated to the U.S. Department of Education’s Career Clusters, focus on the jobs available in a specific industry, while giving tips for job success, finding financial aid, and more. Students will find valuable information on potential careers that do not require a commitment to four years of college.


Gale Courses

Today’s lifelong learners come in all descriptions, and they expect their library to offer a variety of free educational opportunities.

Gale Courses deliver hundreds of engaging, instructor-led online courses focused on professional development, technology skills, and personal enrichment to transform lives and foster positive changes in your community.

Gale Courses are tied to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ fastest-growing occupations and include:


Testing & Education Reference Center

From the high school and community college students just embarking on a career path to the business veteran who wants to make a career change, the Testing & Education Reference Center (TERC) provides users with in-depth information on colleges and universities, graduate and professional programs, distance learning, corporate training, available scholarships and awards, preparatory entrance tests and much more.


Career Transitions

Career research is the number one use of public libraries today. Similar demands extend to academic and K-12 libraries as well. From younger individuals exploring potential career paths to those who are in need of a new career direction, this thirst for knowledge and search assistance is stretching your staff to the limit. Career Transitions can help. It's the only complete, self-paced application that walks job-seekers through the entire process from assessing strengths and interests, to exploring new opportunities, to ultimately improving the chances of landing a job.