Children's Core Collection

A comprehensive collection development guide, this database provides librarian-selected titles chosen specifically for readers from preschool through grade five. Containing titles at 3 recommendation levels, this collection covers fiction and nonfiction works, story collections, picture books, graphic novels and magazines. Entries provide complete bibliographic data, book reviews, awards and ___ _ __Best Lists ___ _ when availableto easily assist and reinforce the judgment of librarians.

Children's Literature Comprehensive Database

The Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD), an Internet based acquisition, research, and reference service, offers 2,000,000 MARC records and 450,000 reviews of children's books, multimedia, audio books, etc, from 38 sources including--The ALAN Review, Booklist, Books for Keeps, The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, CCBC Choices, The Five Owls, The Horn Book Magazine-Audio Review, Horn Book Guide, Inis, Library Media Connections, KIRKUS Reviews, KLIATT, Midwest Book Review, Resource Links, and VOYA.


South and Southeast Asian Literature

South and Southeast Asian Literature displays the literary imagination and linguistic inventiveness of writers who are negotiating life in a transnational world and multiple cultural identities. Scholars of literature, anthropology, linguistics, postcolonial theory and criticism, history, politics, and culture will find the collection rich in insights into modern experiences and their traditional connections.


Scottish Women Poets of the Romantic Period

This electronic collection of over sixty volumes of lyric poetry by Scottish women, written between 1789 and 1832, endeavors to fill a gap in our knowledge of and access to this large and comprehensive body of work. Conventional anthologies and histories of Scottish literature have been composed largely of the works of male authors.


North American Women's Letters and Diaries, Colonial to 1950

Our flagship collection, this is a massive, ongoing project to catalog and index American and Canadian women's diaries and correspondence over centuries. Researchers will have access to 150,000 pages of materials, including more than 5,000 pages of previously unpublished manuscripts as facsimile images. Drawn from more than 1,000 sources and representing 1,500 women from all walks of life, the writings are extensively indexed.


Latino Literature: Poetry, Drama, and Fiction

Latino literature draws from three major sources: the world of the mythical homeland of the Aztecs prior to Cortez; the Spanish heritage of the national homelands of the writers; and the intersection of these two with Anglo culture. These influences create persistent themes, the most common of which are social protest and exploitation; the migratory experience; self-exploration or self-definition, including the exploration of myths and legends; and life in the barrio (the traditional Latino district of the city).


Latin American Women Writers

Latin America is immense not only in its size--twice the area of Europe, and stretching from the Rio Grande in Texas to Cape Horn in Patagonia--but in its range of cultural and literary expression. What we call "Latin American culture" is a composite of the rich and diverse output of 20 sovereign countries. Each had its unique struggle for independence and particular ways in which it evolved after the end of colonization. Literature is the best blueprint for following the social and cultural developments within these Ibero-American nations.