Newspapers & Genealogy

HeritageQuest Online

HeritageQuest Online is a comprehensive treasury of American genealogical sources�__�_�rich in unique primary sources, local and family histories, and finding aids. 18th Century or 20th Century. European or Native American, Farm or Factory, East Coast or West Coast�__��_Where does your American past begin? Discover the amazing history of you with HeritageQuest Online. It delivers an essential collection of genealogical and historical sources�__�_�with coverage dating back to the 1700s�__�_�that can help people find their ancestors and discover a place's past.

America's News

News happens everywhere, from small towns to big cities across the United States. America's News enables library patrons to pinpoint information on people, issues and events in the local area or around the country. This comprehensive resource offers tens of millions of current and archived full-text articles from news sources nationwide in a single, fully searchable online database.

World News Digest

For more than 75 years, World News Digest has been a go-to resource for context and background on key issues of both historical events and breaking news. Presenting more than seven decades of authoritative news summaries and background articles, World News Digest features a wealth of new material and dynamic interface that makes it easier than ever to explore the events that shape our world.

Alternative Press Index

This resource is a bibliographic database containing ,journal, newspaper and magazine articles from hundreds of international alternative, radical, and left periodicals. Born of the New Left, this resource was launched in 1969 to provide access to the emerging theories and practices of radical social change. Our group renews on July 1 each year.

Columbia Gazetteer of the World

The Columbia Gazetteer of the World provides uers with access to authoritative information on over 170,000 places and features around the world. Whether you're looking for the ten highest mountain peaks in North America, the major commercial crops in Brazil's economy, all rivers in Southeast Asia, the former name of the city of Yangon, or the natural resources available in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Gazetteer is the one-stop resource for all your information needs.

Illustrated Civil War Newspapers and Magazines

Illustrated Civil War Newspapers and Magazines is the definitive online Civil War media resource. The database contains 65,000 pages drawn from 49 periodicals, including 15 campaign newspapers, most of them illustrated--3,720 issues published from 1860 to 1865. Originally printed in 16 different cities, many of the publications are now rare and hard to find, with an item sometimes extant only in a single archive.

60 Minutes: 1997-2014

For the first time ever, nearly two decades of television's most preeminent program are available online in one expansive streaming video resource. The 60 MINUTES: 1997-2014 collection from Alexander Street grants unprecedented access to the CBS News archives from this period, including many episodes not widely seen since their original broadcast. This entire collection is only available from Alexander Street for the library market.