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Sensource PC-TB12-R Non-Directional Battery Operated

People Counter

The SenSource PC-TB12-R is a stand-alone, non-directional battery-operated people counter. It has a 6-digit LCD counter and internal data logger. This system consists of a photoelectric infrared beam transmitter and receiver which can operate up to 25 feet apart in front or side-firing modes. The counter will increment as the invisible IR beam is broken regardless of the direction of traffic. Child-resistant universal mounting bracket enables operation in front or side firing modes. Easy data collection is available by using either the LCD display or built-in data logger. A USB Software Utility is included to export data in a Microsoft Excel document.

•  Battery-powered sensor installs in minutes
•  6-digit LCD display indicates counter value and setup parameters
•  Built-in data logger stores up to 3,000 records or approximately 33 days at 15 minute increments
•  USB port for configuration and data extraction
•  Adjustable High/Low sensing range to extend battery life of sensor
•  Front-Firing (Opposing Wall mount) or Side-Firing (Door-Frame Mount) in one unit

Sensource PC-TB12-R Non-Directional Battery Operated People Counter
OHIONET Member Price:  $361.25

Shipping:  Starting at $15.00 for 1 People Counter
(Shipping may be slightly higher depending on quantity ordered)

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Authority Control.  In today’s fast-paced world of eBooks, social media use, and other more glamorous library news, it’s easy to overlook this fundamental building block.  However, authority control, along with a properly authorized library catalog, is the key to patrons and staff being able to quickly locate items in our collections.  If you’ve never thought much about authority control, then maybe it’s time to revisit this.  Let’s take a quick look!

Authority Control Explained

While most of us are well aware of MARC and the underlying structure of a MARC record, authority control, both as a process and in functional usage, is a little bit different.  In a general sense, authority control can be thought of as providing a standard method by which we can identify materials information, usually by author, title, subject heading or other identifier.  These headings are standardized across our automated system, providing consistency and stability. 

One classic example of this is the author Samuel Clemens, also known by his pen name of Mark Twain.  With a properly authorized catalog, your patrons can look for either of these names and then be directed to the proper set of titles that you may have available.  Authority control, or the linking of multiple author names in this case, allows this to happen.  This is done both by the existence of authority records in your current ILS system as well as the standardized headings found in the individual records themselves.

It’s A Mess!

However, our record metadata and subsequent authority file information can quickly become a mess if not maintained on a consistent basis.  For those of us who may have switched ILS systems at some point, or who know that our records are not always catalogued correctly, this can quickly become very apparent.  Dead-end records, no author or keyword linkages, and the lack of finding well-known titles are just a few symptoms of the lack of authority control.  If you’ve experienced this, maybe it’s time you considered some authority work.

Next Steps?

So knowing that authority control is essential...what’s your plan?  While it may be easy to think of authority control as a one-time project, nothing could be farther from the truth.  Records change, authors update names, and new subject headings come into use quite frequently.  It’s essential that your library have both a plan and a process to update your bibliographic records as well as to establish ongoing authority record infusions, helping to keep things fresh and easily found.    

When To Start?

Realistically, there’s no better time than the present!  This is where your OHIONET membership can really help.  Working with our staff of experts and ongoing cataloging training classes, we can quickly help you get up to speed.  Our experience with libraries and vendors such as OCLC, Backstage Library Works, and LTI can benefit both your library and your patrons. We’ll take the time to work with you and establish a plan and procedure to get your library up to speed at a minimum of cost!

Talk to you next month!



Looking for stocking stuffers for your staff or Secret Santa?  Are your Patrons looking for stocking stuffers? Here are some “Angry Birds” 4GB Flash Drives from EMTEC for your data storage needs.  The EMTEC Angry Birds USB Flash Drive series features the characters from the popular Rovio game for touchscreen phones and tablets. Each Angry Birds character is made out of rubber and comes with a stylish clasp.

For pricing and ordering information check here.

voyager barcode scanner

The OHIONET monthly special for March 2011 is the Honeywell Voyager® 9520 Scanner (Formerly Metrologic)

For pricing, please check out the March 2011 Monthly Special. This offer is valid through March 31, 2011 and shipping is free.

For more details on this system, or to order, please contact Pam Rossman at 800-686-8975 x 10 or

OHIONET is once again offering a bulk purchase of Avery 6464 blank removable labels. We are able to offer the best possible price by purchasing in bulk. Please let us know how many packs you wish to purchase on the order form linked below, and we will ship them to the address you provide.

Avery 6464 Order Form

Please submit your order to OHIONET by Wednesday, June 30, 2010. OHIONET will order the labels and bill your library on your regular OHIONET invoice.

If you have any questions, please contact Jill Boggs Brust at 1-800-686-8975 x 20 or

We are very excited about the new, recently-formed partnership between OHIONET and Atlas Systems, Inc.! In addition to the success that Atlas has had with ILLiad, a total management system for Interlibrary Loan, they have been expanding their product line to provide additional services which will fill a need with many of our OHIONET libraries.

Last spring, OHIONET introduced AEON to libraries as a management tool for special collections.  AEON is a circulation and request management software designed by special collections librarians to improve user service and maximize staff efficiency while providing unparalleled item tracking, security and statistics. Atlas has continued to develop AEON and most recently added photo duplication, digital management and order Processing.

OHIONET now offers an Atlas Annual Training Subscription to ILLiad libraries that will make it easier and more affordable to train new staff on ILLiad or provide refresher training for current staff. Libraries will only be able to purchase the Annual Training Sub through Networks.

Course Reserves and eReserves have become quite a challenge for many academic libraries and Atlas has developed ARES to provide a comprehensive interface and management system that will dramatically help libraries in this area. We are particularly excited about ARES as it is compatible with Blackboard. Through ARES, libraries can easily secure copyright permissions for their electronic reserves materials using either the standard rights management gateway or the new annual subscription service from the Copyright Clearance Center.

To find more information on these exciting new products, including online demos, click here, and choose "AEON" or "ARES."