World Religions: Belief, Culture, and Controversy

World Religions: Belief, Culture, and Controversy provides a powerful combination of reference and research components like no other database, comprising thousands of reference items that cover matters of belief, practice, celebrations, and holidays; important individuals and events; significant and sacred places; and much more.


World History: The Modern Era

World History: The Modern Era is the latest update of the reference standard of electronic history reference materials for high school and high-level middle school coursework. From the ongoing crises in the Middle East to civil strife across Africa to the vestiges of communism in China, South Korea, and Cuba, we live in a world where current conflicts have deep historical roots. Is it possible for cultures--or humanity in general--to truly leave the past behind?


World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras

World History: Ancient and Medieval Eras covers early human history around the globe from prehistoric times to the beginnings of the Renaissance. What are the historical origins of the regional conflicts roiling the world today? Was there really a King Arthur, or is he simply a mythical character? How could ancient Egyptians construct pyramids that still confound contemporary builders? This comprehensive database explores these intriguing questions and much more.


World Geography: Understanding a Changing World

World Geography: Understanding a Changing World provides online tools that develop students' global literacy, focusing on the geographical, political, social, economic, and cultural forces that are increasingly important in our globalized world. There were previous eras in American history when our nation's citizens could be excused for being oblivious to the world outside of their direct daily experience. Today, being uninformed about the ongoing conflicts around the globe and the unique characteristics of the world's nations is not a luxury; it's a serious handicap.


World at War: Understanding Conflict and Society

Recently revised, improved and expanded, this user-friendly database is an invaluable online resource that presents comprehensive information and unique insights into the military conflicts that have defined our nation's identity from its beginning to today. From the Aztec-Spanish War in the 16th century to the United States's military involvement in the Middle East in the last three decades, violent conflict is interwoven throughout our history.


United States Geography

This interactive database delivers an unbeatable combination of authoritative research sources, standards-aligned lessons and activities, and coverage of recent events for all 50 U.S. states--a priceless resource for teachers, librarians, and students alike. The United States encompasses plains, forested areas, swamps, mountain ranges, deserts, and even polar regions and volcanic islands (Alaska and Hawaii).


Pop Culture Universe: Icons, Idols, Ideas

Pop Culture Universe: Icons Idols Ideas (PCU) is an irresistible yet authoritative digital database on popular culture in America and the world, both past and present--in a package as dynamic as the topic it covers. Pop culture is more than celebrity gossip, fashion trends, and fads. It's living history--a constantly evolving entity shaped by the world we inherit, our current environment, and our hopes for the future. It's democracy in action, the true face of a society.

Modern Genocide: Understanding Causes and Consequences

Studying past genocides brings the corrosive power of prejudice and hatred into sharp focus and represents a "living memorial" to those who perished. Just as importantly, learning about past atrocities provides hope for the future: as young adults learn about the historical, social, religious, political, and economic factors that have resulted in genocide, they comprehend that it is the responsibility of individual citizens—themselves—to recognize the danger signals and prevent another nascent genocide from becoming reality.


Latino American Experience

Comprehensive, informative, and now even easier to use, The Latino American Experience (LAE) is the latest version of the first-ever database dedicated to the history and culture of Latinos--the largest, fastest growing minority group in the United States. Latinos and Hispanics in the United States are an intrinsic part of our national identity. This enormous segment of the United States population today--comprising immigrants from dozens of Latin countries, as well as Spain--now accounts for over 15 percent of the overall U.S. population.


Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society

This database helps students develop an in-depth understanding of how society shapes and is shaped by controversy, providing authoritative historical context, expert perspectives, and carefully selected primary and secondary sources on today's most important issues. Global warming. Gun control. Abortion. World poverty. Our modern world is even more complicated and troubled than one might imagine possible. Investigating current issues--both domestic and worldwide--serves to educate students and help them develop critical thinking skills.