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Social Work Online

Social Work Online is a first-of-its-kind resource that pairs recently published social work textbooks along with compelling documentaries clinical demonstration videos, and engaging lectures that illustrate the complex and challenging realities social work students will face as practitioners. The content is structured around twelve of the most important topics in the social work curriculum, most of which are applicable worldwide.


Caribbean Studies in Video: The Banyan Archive

Explore the oral and visual history of the culture, society, and identity of the Caribbean people, by the Caribbean people, with Caribbean Studies in Video: The Banyan Archive. This collection features more than 1,100 hours of music, dance, interviews, cultural programming, and more that has been housed in the Banyan Archives in Trinidad & Tobago for over forty years.


The Criterion Collection

The Criterion Collection, an imprint of Janus Films, ranks among the world’s most influential cinematic distributors. Their films—widely respected for both their scholarly and entertainment value—are ubiquitous for the study of cinema, history, and culture at large. But oftentimes these important films, if available, are scattered across multiple formats and locations, making it difficult for users to make full use of their content. Discover over 350 must-have films for your library.


Border and Migration Studies Online

In 2015, the world recorded the largest number of displaced individuals in modern history. Across Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe, the environmental, financial, political, and cultural impacts of migrant populations and borderland disputes dominate headlines. Yet in order to contextualize modern crises, it is vital to understand the historical, geographic, demographic, economic, social, and diplomatic dimensions of past border and migration issues.

Public Library Video Online: Premium

Video use is at an all time high and continues to grow. Public library patrons often visit their public library for academic study and research, and they seek video content across many subject areas. Give patrons unlimited access to 42,800 curated streaming videos, the largest public library database available on the market today. With topics spanning science, history, engineering, health, performing arts, religion, film, and many others, Public Library Video Online: Premium serves diverse patron types with the exploding medium of video.,

Complete Music and Dance Package

The Complete Music & Dance Package delivers the largest, most diverse catalog of music content in the world for students, scholars, and patrons of the arts. The multimedia resource features works from thousands of respected partners, covers hundreds of genres from alternative rock to zydeco and from alternative dance to operatic arias, and encompasses a wide range of content formats—including scores, reference, and high definition audio and video.


Nursing Education in Video Second Edition

Nursing Education in Video: Second Edition is an up-to-date collection of training videos designed to help students improve their clinical skills. This resource provides access to Medcom's complete collection of 500+ full-length training videos allowing your patrons anytime, anywhere access to the latest resources available for nurse training so they can provide the best possible patient care.

World Newsreels Online, 1929-1966

In December of 1941, cinema audiences around the world from New York to Tokyo, Amsterdam to Paris waited expectantly for news of Pearl Harbor. World Newsreels Online, 19291966 lets today's students and historians see what those audiences saw and more, by delivering more than 500 hours of newsreel content instantly to any computer or mobile device. The content of the collection focuses primarily on the World, War II era, with supplementary coverage of American life through the mid-1960s.