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Women and Social Movements in the United States, Basic and Scholar's Edition

Women and Social Movements in the U.S. Basic Edition provides you with deep insight into the multiplicity of American women's activism in public life. A variety of primary source documents including images, scholarly essays, book reviews and more allow for a thorough investigation of the changes in American culture beginning in the 1600s and continuing through today. The new Scholar's Edition features enhanced content and search tools that make it ideal for research and scholarship.


Twentieth Century North American Drama

Twentieth Century North American Drama contains 2,000 plays from the United States and Canada. In addition to providing a comprehensive full-text resource for students in the performing arts, the collection offers a unique window into the economic, historical, social, and political psyche of two countries. Scholars and students who use the database will have a new way to study the signal events of the twentieth century--including the Depression, the role of women, the Cold War, and more--through the plays and performances of writers who lived through these decades.


Theatre in Video

Theatre in Video contains more than 250 of the world's most important plays, together with more than 100 video documentaries, online in streaming video--more than 500 hours in all. These definitive performances, by leading actors and directors, have been painstakingly licensed from a wide range of copyright holders. They are now delivered to you over the Internet, in a revolutionary new format developed specifically for drama.


The Video Journal of Counseling and Therapy

The Video Journal of Counseling and Therapy will be the definitive streaming video collection of the latest in research and best practice methods in the fields of counseling, mental health, and psychology. The collection will launch with over 1,000 hours of contemporary presentations, lectures, and workshops from renowned counselors, psychologists, and practitioners, and at least 350 hours of new content will be added yearly.


The March of Time

From 1935-1967, American theatergoers and television watchers were witness to Time Inc.'s unique and controversial film series, The March of Time. Now, for the first time, this groundbreaking series is available in online streaming video in a single, cross-searchable collection designed specifically to meet the needs of researchers, teaching faculty, and students. The videos have been restored to their original luster by HBO Archives, allowing viewers to experience these historic films as audiences did in earlier decades.


Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video

Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video is the most extensive video collection ever assembled for the study of human movement, conditioning, performance, rehabilitation, and physical education. Developed through an exclusive partnership with Healthy Learning, the world's leading producer of sports medicine videos, this collection will contain more than 750 hours of streaming video.

South and Southeast Asian Literature

South and Southeast Asian Literature displays the literary imagination and linguistic inventiveness of writers who are negotiating life in a transnational world and multiple cultural identities. Scholars of literature, anthropology, linguistics, postcolonial theory and criticism, history, politics, and culture will find the collection rich in insights into modern experiences and their traditional connections.


Social Theory

Social Theory is a new undertaking to provide comprehensive coverage of major social thinkers together with seminal texts from lesser figures. For many writers, the project represents the first availability of a major scholarly edition of their collected works. Extensive licensing allows readers to see both the original works and translations, searchable together in a single database for the first time.