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North American Indian Drama

North American Indian Drama brings together the full text of more than 200 plays representing the stories and creative energies of American Indian and First Nation playwrights of the 20th century. Many of the plays are previously unpublished or hard to find, and they represent a wealth of dramatic material that is often overlooked or inaccessible.

North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries, and Oral Histories

The personal experiences of immigrants provide insights into labor history, American and world history in general, women's and ethnic studies, and a wide range of related disciplines. This collection brings together 100,000 pages of material, including Ellis Island Oral Histories, audio files, scrapbooks, previously unpublished diaries (some translations), and more. The project covers the years 1840 to the present and represents many countries and groups.


New World Cinema: Independent Features and Shorts, 1990-Present

New World Cinema: Independent Features and Shorts, 1990-Present, an online streaming video collection, delivers approximately 200 full length feature films from leading independent distributors such as Kino Lorber, First Run Features, Film Movement, MK2, and the Global Films Initiative, along with approximately fifty award-winning shorts. ,


LGBT Studies in Video

LGBT Studies in Video is a cinematic survey of the lives of lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual people and the cultural and political evolution of the LGBT community., This first-of-its-kind collection features award-winning documentaries, interviews, archival footage, and select feature films exploring LGBT history, gay culture and subcultures, civil rights, marriage equality, LGBT families, AIDS, transgender issues, religious perspectives on homosexuality, global comparative experiences, and other topics.


LBGT Thought and Culture

, LGBT Thought and Culture will be an online resource hosting the key works and archival documentation of LGBT political and social movements throughout the twentieth century and into the present day. The collection will include materials ranging from seminal texts, letters, speeches, interviews, and ephemera covering the political evolution of gay rights as well as memoirs, biographies, poetry, and works of fiction that illuminate the lives of lesbians, gays, transgendered, and bisexual individuals and the community.


Latino Literature: Poetry, Drama, and Fiction

Latino literature draws from three major sources: the world of the mythical homeland of the Aztecs prior to Cortez; the Spanish heritage of the national homelands of the writers; and the intersection of these two with Anglo culture. These influences create persistent themes, the most common of which are social protest and exploitation; the migratory experience; self-exploration or self-definition, including the exploration of myths and legends; and life in the barrio (the traditional Latino district of the city).


Latin American Women Writers

Latin America is immense not only in its size--twice the area of Europe, and stretching from the Rio Grande in Texas to Cape Horn in Patagonia--but in its range of cultural and literary expression. What we call "Latin American culture" is a composite of the rich and diverse output of 20 sovereign countries. Each had its unique struggle for independence and particular ways in which it evolved after the end of colonization. Literature is the best blueprint for following the social and cultural developments within these Ibero-American nations.


Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period

Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period corrects a glaring omission in the literary history of the British Isles--and of Romanticism generally. Comprising more than eighty volumes of poetry by Irish women writing between 1768 and 1842, the database will enable researchers to delve more deeply than ever into this significant, but largely underappreciated, body of work. Most of the texts in the database exist in print in fewer than five libraries in the world, often locked away within archives. For nearly two centuries, the distinctive voices of such poets as Henrietta Battier, I. S.