19th Century Masterfile: 1106-1930

Students, scholars and historians no longer need to wade through countless printed indexes or scattered electronic files to explore historical literature. 19th Century Masterfile  1106 -1930 brings all the relevant materials into a single source. In addition to vast indexing sources, 19th Century Masterfile 1106-1930 also contains millions of links to full-text sources of value to historians and students. No history department is complete without access to this unparalleled resource.


U.S. Documents Masterfile: 1774-2017

U.S. Documents Masterfile 1774-2017 provides single search access to a vast trove of United States government publications. U.S. Documents Masterfile 1774-2017 eases the process of finding documents by aggregating document types into a single search function — accessing resources you know well, and those you might not even have thought to explore. Non-US government agency data is also being expanded.


Reference Universe: 1975-2017

Reference Universe 1975-2017 is the new way to search e-reference and print simultaneously, and realize a return on the sizable investment you’ve made in your library’s reference collection. A single search across nearly 50,000 specialized subject encyclopedias and scholarly compendia allows library users to instantly identify which titles are held by your library, at a level of analysis far deeper than that which a library catalog can provide.