Columbia Gazetteer of the World

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The Columbia Gazetteer of the World provides uers with access to authoritative information on over 170,000 places and features around the world. Whether you're looking for the ten highest mountain peaks in North America, the major commercial crops in Brazil's economy, all rivers in Southeast Asia, the former name of the city of Yangon, or the natural resources available in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Gazetteer is the one-stop resource for all your information needs. This online resource's unparalleled coverage extends beyond the country level to states, cities, towns, provinces, counties, villages, hamlets, and neighborhoods. In addition to a wealth of statistical data, the Gazetteer provides rich, in-depth information about the economic, historical and cultural context of places. Take a look at the new features and uses of the Gazetteer at the Gazetteer Tutorial For more information about the Gazetteer, please click here.,

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