Community Collaboration Teams

A new way to connect the dots...

At OhioNET, we’ve been connecting libraries and fostering collaboration since 1977. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we’re exploring new, more responsive ways to act on those values and reach across the divisions that separate library types.  Helping you help the communities you serve is our top priority.  We want your library dreams to come true! And we can work together to make that happen.

Taking an open-ended approach, we’re seeking two Community Collaboration Teams (each having folks from at least two different types of member libraries) to explore what it means to be a part of a professional community in 2017.  Each team will have up to $1500 in seed money, as well as personalized support from our staff, to create a community of your collective imagining and to share information among OhioNET members.

Applications will be accepted from June 1st to June 30th with our selected teams to be announced at our upcoming multi-type conference—Dive into Data 2: New Skills, New Depths—on July 20th at the Fawcett Center.

Want to know more?  Check out the FAQ listed below and plan to join us for our online Community Collaboration Teams Q & A session on Monday, Jun 12th at 2 PM!

Can't make it on the 12th?  We will be recording and archiving our session; so everyone who registers will get the link to view that file.

Download the application here!

What’s in it for me?  Besides fame and glory, you will also have a chance to grow personally and professionally: you will be able to share your vision for collaboration and leadership with the larger OhioNET community, make new connections with colleagues, and develop useful management skills.
What’s the catch?  You have to tell us a little bit about your vision for your community, in addition to having at least two different types of libraries represented in the composition of your team.  We will select among the applicants to choose the teams we think have the greatest potential for success, and we will start working with those teams in July 2017.
What do you mean by different library types?  We are looking for combinations of academic, K-12, public and special librarians in our teams. At least two types of libraries should be represented on each team.
What kind of projects do you have in mind?  It would be great to get an academic librarian and a K-12 librarian together to talk about instructional design.  Or maybe a special librarian and a public librarian to talk about consumer health resources and training in libraries.  Or maybe a public librarian and a K-12 librarian to talk about using volunteers in their libraries.  Or maybe an academic librarian and a special librarian to talk about embedded librarianship.  Or a public librarian and a K-12 librarian to talk about information literacy (a.k.a. fighting fake news).  The topics for collaboration are pretty much endless!
What sorts of things could we get with that $1500? You could use it to license software, or increase your own professional development on the topic, or promote your community, or incentivize community participation, or get any other resources that you think will help to support your community…bonus points on your application if you can explain what you plan to do with that grant!
What other resources would we have?

Each team with have a sounding board and resource connector on OhioNET staff: Shelly Miller and Heidi Beke-Harrigan will each be working with one of the selected teams to help support you through the development and execution of your concept…though the actual development and execution will be up to you!  We can provide blog space or web pages on our Drupal website, and we can set up new listservs via our Mailman software.  Anything else you need will be up to you and your grant money.

Can you help me find a teammate? Sure!  Just make sure you reach out to us soon, so we can find others who are looking for teammates, just like you.
What is the timeline?

We are opening the process now, and we will be accepting team application through June 30th. We will then review the applications and let you know if your team has been accepted to start in our initial round.  Selected teams will be announced at our upcoming conference, Dive into Data 2, on July 20th. Then your team will be assigned an OhioNET staff contact, and you can start running with your idea by July 31st.

How long is my commitment?

We would like you to committ to facilitating your chosen Community through June 2018. We will be conducting an evaluation of the OhioNET Community Collaboration Teams in March 2018, based on the same criteria used to evaluate your application.  If things are going fairly well, we will give you the opportunity to continue for another year, if you like.  If you don't want to continue, or if we see a need to try something else, that's OK, too.

Who do I contact if I have questions?  We will have an open online Q & A session for interested applicants via GoToWebinar on Monday, Jun. 12th at 2:00 PM.  In the meantime, you can reach out to Shelly Miller, OhioNET’s Community and Training Manager, for more information.  You can call her at 800-686-8975, ext. 37 or email