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Subscribers to this award-winning resource have access to the complete archive of Editorial Research Reportsthe venerable precursor to CQ Researcherdating back to 1923. CQ Researcher Plus Archive expands the utility of the CQ Researcher making it a rich resource for historical research by offering users: 3,000 additional in-depth reports, expanding coverage from 1923 to the present Powerful search and browse functions, including a linkable cumulative index User profile features that save searches and documents for later use Robust advanced-search functionality that allows users to search the full text of all reports and limit their search by date range or topic categories New search features including the ___ _ __Issue Tracker, ___ _ which lets users trace vital issues over time CiteNow! __ __ , a unique CQEL feature that enables users to automatically generate citations in APA, Bluebook, Chicago, or MLA styles CQ Researcher Plus Archive allows users to access past reports that pertain to our nation's welfare today. Coverage includes real-time reports on historical events, such as passage of the Social Security Act of 1935, as well as reports that give background on issues of current debate such as abortion, health insurance and responses to global terrorism. CQ Researcher Plus Archive offers an unrivaled way to understand American policy at home and abroad with over 90 years of reports at your fingertips.

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