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Digital Theatre+ gives a 360-degree look at the art that is theatre. Digital Theatre+ is the leading HD theatrical performance resource for educators and students. It offers a five-star, world-class experience of the performing arts online and firmly places teaching and learning at the heart of all its content. It's a perfect resource for English students who need access to high-quality performances of Shakespeare and other classic texts, as well as drama and theatre students who are seeking insight into the creative industries, and want to hear from professionals working as actors, directors, or designers. New content is developed and added weekly, in collaboration with some of the best and most respected artists, writers and academics. The resources encompased by Digital Theatre+ include: 
370+ full length recordings including productions from the Royal Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare's Globe, Broadway, Royal Opera House, London's West End and more!
270+ interviews, workshops and masterclasses, all conducted with industry professionals exposing your students to the world of performing arts!
10,000+ written materials including study guides, practical workshop guides, directors notebooks and teacher toolkits.

“In this digital age, this would engage our modern students who like to use their cellular devices.  I see such incredible potential to teach all aspects of theatre and provide all the Theatre Teachers in Pasco County with the opportunity to have a shared resource to insure consistency. This will aid in preparing students for the End Of Course exams and for teachers to successfully modify those tests for greater effectiveness.”

David O’Hara - Theatre Teacher Pasco Co. PS, District 14 Chair / Florida State Thespians


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