Dive Into Data 2


Dive Into Data 2: New Skills, New Depths

Two years ago, OhioNET hosted a day-long, multi-type conference where we invited library staff from all over Ohio to Dive Into Data.  Our event introduced attendees to the basics of assessment, discussed why data-related skills are so critical, and talked about tactics to support a culture of assessment.  Since then the landscape has only become more complex and the expectations only greater.  So, we're taking the conversation to the next level.


What's your goal?

Strong research begins with a well-defined question and answers come from well-planned data collection and analysis. Our conference tracks will introduce you to a variety of research methodologies, approaches and ideas suited for tackling different kinds of research projects and asking different kinds of questions. Each track will focus on a different type of research goal.





Visioning: Where do we go?

How should your library adapt and evolve to meet your community's needs?  Learn more about using data to define your library's strategic direction and identify potential new initiatives.

  • environmental scanning,
  • demographic shifts,
  • economic factors,
  • political trends,
  • town halls,
  • focus groups,
  • sticky note sessions,
  • surveys and more!

Decision-making: How do I choose?

Are you faced with a difficult choice, or attempting to persuade others of the right choice? Learn more about using data to gain insights into available options and to prepare a credible, convincing case.


  • analytics,
  • business intelligence,
  • defining acceptable options,
  • risk assessment,
  • avoiding bias,
  • cost-benefit analysis and more!

Evaluating: How are we doing?

Are your existing initiatives achieving your desired goals, or having the intended impact? Learn more about using data to assess the effectiveness of your library’s programs and services.

  • goal-setting,
  • benchmarking,
  • outcomes,
  • performance measures,
  • evaluation frameworks,
  • satisfaction surveys and more!


Looking for a presentation opportunity?

If you work with data-related tasks and projects or engage in data-driven decision making, this conference is an opportunity for library staff at any level to share their skills and stories with attendees from academic, public, school, and special libraries of all sizes across Ohio.  We are accepting program proposals through March 1, 2017.  Programs should be 50 minutes in length (including time for questions) and fit into one of the tracks described above.

CLICK HERE for the online submission form.  Each proposal should include a sessoin title, an abstract, and a brief session description (<400 characters, suitable for the conference program). Progam proposals will be reviewed by the committee, with selected presenters notified by mid-to-late March.