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With the addition of many new interactive and administrative features, this powerful online resource delivers an exceptional eBook collection-more than ever before. Expand your collection with notable content across number subject areas, including:

  • Business: A wealth of business titles covering nine categories, ranging from Business Skills to Leadership & Management, Career Advice to Finance & Investing.
  • Computing & TAB: Critical information on programming, security, and business intelligence at the cutting edge of the IT world. Premier titles in DIY technologies for makers, hackers and electronic hobbyists.
  • Language: Helps students success in their ELT, Spanish and French courses with leading references from the world's #1 Language publisher, McGraw-Hill Education. This unique collection features a diverse list of titles, including the bestselling Practice Makes Perfect series.
  • Study Aids: Give students the leading edge for college and career success by helping them ace any course or standardized test with McGraw-Hill Education student study aids.
  • Open University Press

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