Embracing eBooks - Digital Badges

Are you collecting digital badges?

Are you interested in collecting digital badges, but haven't started yet?

We have digital badges for Embracing eBooks, and here's how you can get yours!

When you register for Embracing eBooks, you will get a confirmation e-mail that will include a link to your digital badge and a special claim code.  When you go to the link and enter the claim code, you will be asked to "Sign in with BrowserID."  If you click the blue "Sign in" arrow, you will be prompted to enter and email address, which will either start you on the process of setting up a Mozilla Persona account or ask you for your Mozilla Persona password if you already have an account.

Why badging?

The shortest answer is that badges help you to communicate your credentials to colleagues, especially through social media.  For more detailed explanations about digital badging, please check out any of the links at http://bitly.com/bundles/activelearning/1.

Questions about the digital badges?

Contact Mandy Knapp at the State Library at 800-686-1532 or aknapp@library.ohio.gov.