Ethnic NewsWatch: A History

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SoftLine Information, developer and publisher of the Ethnic NewsWatch, GenderWatch, Alt-HealthWatch and Diversity Your World databases, is pleased to announce the development of Ethnic NewsWatch: A History project. Ethnic NewsWatch: A History is a full-text retrospective database comprised of the newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press from 1960-1989. It is an historical collection that provides the other sides of the stories on local, national and international events over a thirty year period. Ethnic NewsWatch: A History provides a unique complement to the mainstream coverage of the period and gives faculty and students many different perspectives on some of the most significant events and social changes of the time. Coverage includes the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War and protests, campus unrest and radical politics, the assassinations of President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Roe v. Wade, Johnson's Great Society, the impact of Reaganomics on ethnic and minority communities, growth and power of corporations and the seeds of globalization, immigration issues and much, much more. With the completion of Ethnic NewsWatch: A History project, the Ethnic NewsWatch database will span 40+ years with over 1,000,000 full-text, fully indexed articles.

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