Everyday Advocacy

April 25, 2013

Holiday Inn, Worthington

Everyday Advocacy: Telling Your Library’s Story


The term ripples through various parts of the library community, most often conjuring up images of budget cut protests on the steps of the capitol building, invitations sent to local representatives and officials to participate in library-sponsored events, or an item on the agenda of a school board, a city council or a campus committee. Our message has been simple and to the point: save us!

Regardless of the type or size of the community we serve, libraries provide our users access to critical services and resources. We are the great equalizers in the information game. We are superheroes. The problem is...we know this already. And, the big question is...after over a decade of initiatives and outreach, why doesn’t everybody else?

It’s time...

to reframe our messages--the good we do is virtually limitless--

and to reimagine our methods--advocacy happens every day, not just election day.

Join OHIONET for this day-long workshop and conference. Meet with other librarians, from all types and sizes of institutions, seeking to expand our collective definition of advocacy and to empower library staff at all levels to effectively communicate--every day--about the value and power of libraries in their communities.

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Handouts and presentation slides are now available for most sessions.