Facts on File News Service: Editorial Cartoons


Editorial Cartoons and Questions are a special feature of all the databases from Facts On File News Services. Lively and topical, they can show the range of opinion on a host of key issues, from the world economy and the new U.S. presidential administration, to Reconstruction, to the continuing debate over evolution and intelligent design. Each cartoon is accompanied by questions that prompt critical thinking about the meaning of the cartoon, the point of view behind it, or the means used to convey the message. All cartoons are linked to resources elsewhere in the database that help answer the questions.

Look for each database's listing of Editorial Cartoons and Questions in the Special Features section, the central lower panel of the home page. All Editorial Cartoons are searchable. Also, Curriculum Tools in all databases contain suggestions for students on analyzing and evaluating Editorial Cartoons, and for educators on how to incorporate Editorial Cartoons into classroom discussion and activities.

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