Faulkner Advisory for Information Technology Studies

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This resource is available through OHIONET as part of the Library and Consortia Resource Collection. A computer and communications reference library created especially for use by the academic community, FAITS contains hundreds of well-organized and practical reports (technology tutorials, marketplace overviews, implementation guides, product and companyprofiles, comparison and selection guides, and standardsreports) covering areas such as IT infrastructure, telecommunications, wireless technology, data networking, convergence, security, enterprise systems, the internet, business processes, and healthcare and government IT. Continually updated and replenished, FAITS reports help students, instructors, and administrators learn about and keep up with the critical issues, emerging trends, products, services, and vendors at the forefront. Plainly written, uniformly formatted, and easy to understand. Provides convenient links to several online technology and business news resources, as well as direct links to a wealth of bibliographic resources covering computer science, mathematics, and more are included. Browse by subject area, report type, or quickly search the entire library by keyword. Used by leading academic institutions worldwide including Duke, Baylor, Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Boston College, Drexel, Vanderbilt, University of Toronto, University of North Carolina, William & Mary, and Dartmouth.

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