Faulkner Security Management Practices

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This resource is available through OHIONET as part of the Library and Consortia Resource Collection. The list of security-related topics covered is expansive and comprehensive. Authors and contributors are industry practitioners. Many have served in key corporate, academic, or government security advisorypositions. Some are active in the security lecture and seminar circuits or teach at the university or graduate level. A number have been published in the leading industry and business journals and are authors of popular security-related books. Includes access to all archived reports covering facility security, IT and network security, financial and legal security, business continuity, risk, crisis management, personnel security, and more. A weekly electronic news digest summarizing all of the major security news, events, and happenings rounds out this extraordinary resource. Insightful, real-world reports for meeting today's complex security and business continuity challenges. SMP reports discuss and dissect the critical topics and issues that matter most: What do I need to know about e-waste disposal? What do I do to protect employees against a terrorist attack? How can I implement an intrusion preventionsystem? What can I do about workplace violence? How do I perform a physical security gap analysis? How do I select an alternate recovery facility? How do I calculate return on security investment? What do I need to know about biometrics and privacy? How do I handle crisis management?  

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