Jazz Music Library

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"A rich and deeply-indexed resource for jazz recordings. . . Feature-rich and easy to use. Its indexing provides detailed access to genres, time periods. . . One of [the collection's] shining features is the intuitiveness and flexibility of playlist creation, offering an easy, uniform process for all users and great control of sharing." Notes Jazz Music Library is the largest and most comprehensive streaming audio collection of jazz music, featuring thousands of jazz performers from legendary record labels., It currently provides streaming access to more than 130,000 tracks, with new recordings added monthly. Jazz Music Library provides coverage in breadth and depth for jazz music, and is essential for music history, jazz appreciation, jazz history, music performance, and African American studies: Definitive audio database of jazz from the early ___ _ _ _20s to today, including all major jazz genres including vocal jazz, bebop, acid jazz, big band music, modern jazz, and more. More than 14,000 distinct song titles along with links to all the various versions recorded in Jazz Music Library. Hundreds of distinct instrument categories. More than 200 distinct jazz genres and sub-genres. Data on tens of thousands of artists and ensembles.

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