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Digital Scholarship Partner

  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Cleveland, United States of America
  • Mid-Level
  • Full-Time

About this Job

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Commensurate with experience

Required Qualifications

Education/Licensing: Master’s degree in a relevant discipline, with completion of a second advanced degree within an area of specialization preferred; BA/BS in a relevant discipline.

Experience: The initial rank of the Digital Scholarship Partner will be based upon the qualifications of the individual with regard to that person's professional knowledge, abilities and skills; contributions to the profession through service and scholarly endeavors; and, professional qualities consistent with university and library values.


Job Performance. Possess significant knowledge, skills, and abilities within one’s work domain. Understands and can apply more advanced techniques and technologies, and has demonstrated good judgment in the field. Demonstrable evidence that the individual is developing specialized skills, developing leadership capabilities and management potential. Able to identify and interact with internal and external stakeholders. Demonstrate the ability to employ general organizational theories and practices in the library environment.
Professional Knowledge, Abilities and Skills. Possess a significant level of expertise in one’s area of work. Evidence of significant professional growth and contributions to the library and institution. Able to explain to others the mission, vision, goals and services of the library, and fully incorporate them within her/his own work. Demonstrate understanding of the external environments, cultures, and interrelationship of the library. An effective ambassador for the library and able to interact regularly with others on campus.
Professional Contributions. Contribute to the library profession and building a reputation for professional contributions through committee service and professional publications or presentations to professional organizations at the local, regional, or national level.
Professional Qualities. An inquisitive self-starter who works well both independently and as a member of organizational teams. Ability to interact with colleagues, supervisors, and customers face to face. Ability to meet consistent attendance.

How to Apply

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Posted On: Nov 18, 2021 / This posting expires: Dec 1, 2021