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Full-Time Outreach Associate

  • North Canton Public Library
  • North Canton, OH
  • Entry-Level
  • Full-Time

About this Job

• Develops, schedules and delivers multiple weekly programs targeted to underserved populations within the City of North Canton including, but not limited to, individuals living with disabilities, older adults, caregivers, and new residents
• Develops and maintains positive, collaborative relationships with area nursing facilities and corresponding activities directors, with the intent to provide materials and programs to residents
• On a weekly basis, creates, prepares, and delivers Library materials to customers unable to access the building
• Creates, promotes, and executes new parent outreach program that will provide Library resources and home deliveries to new parents for up to one year after the birth of a child
• Creates, promotes, and executes intergenerational programming to further unite the North Canton community in meaningful, enriching ways
• Plans and adjusts delivery routes as needed to meet outreach schedule; collaborates with Community Relations Manager to draft monthly delivery schedules that balance efficient use of driving time with patrons’ schedule preferences
• Operates library owned outreach van to deliver materials to customers unable to access the building and to offer off-site programming
• Works with Community Relations Manager to ensure that outreach vehicle is safely maintained, fueled, and repaired at all times
• Performs daily pre-departure check of vehicle for proper operation, noting any mechanical and safety issues; advises Community Relations Manager of developing concerns or needed repairs
• Works closely and cooperatively with the Library’s Community Relations Manager, Community Engagement Librarian, and programming staff to ensure that outreach programs and services are supportive of the Library’s mission and long-term goals
• Proactively provides outstanding customer service to library users of all ages and backgrounds
• Interviews, researches, and answers questions from patrons in person, via phone, or through email correspondence
• Assists in developing and maintaining a high quality collection based on community needs, usage levels, and relevance of materials
• Recommends materials based on patrons’ interests
• Provides programs, presentations, and training to patrons and other organizations, in the Library, and in the community
• Maintains a positive relationship with community partners including the City of North Canton
• Works as an integral part of the Community Relations Department in execution of large-scale events organized by the Library and/or its partners both inside and outside the walls of the Library
• Promotes positive and professional relationships with internal staff, volunteers, customers, vendors, contractors, and the general public
• Assists patrons with basic troubleshooting of common software products, operating systems, browsers, and other technologies associated with library services (including handheld devices, e-Readers, laptops, tablets, etc.)



Required Qualifications

Ability to work independently and multitask. Ability to helpfully communicate with the public to determine customer needs. Ability to work effectively with a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Ability to use and understand technology. Ability to analyze needs and situations. Ability to make sound decisions. Ability to work well with others and to promote positive staff and community relations. Ability to follow verbal and written instructions. Ability to follow and apply library procedures and policies. Must have a valid Ohio driver’s license and good driving record. Must be able to drive the Library’s outreach van (CDL is NOT required). Must be able to lift, carry, push, and pull 40 pounds. Must be able to bend and reach. Must be able to communicate effectively in English, both orally and in writing.

Employer Statement

We love Canadian geese, Cool Runnings, and pyramids. Why? They’re all examples of what can happen when you successfully assemble a dynamite team. If you’re interested in joining a dynamic group of community-oriented professionals, we’d love to work with you!

The North Canton Public Library is looking for an engaging, motivated, and flexible person with a deep commitment to customer service to assume the position of library associate in a role that will find them working in the Community Relations department of the Library. The successful applicant must be enthusiastic about serving identified underrepresented populations and providing programming targeted to those populations. This position will also require the successful candidate to seek ways to improve upon the Library’s services to its community, as well as work as a team player to enhance the Library’s work culture of kindness, respect, and integrity among staff.

The North Canton Public Library has been an important part of its community since its founding in 1926, and we’re delighted to combine traditional library services with ones that are both inclusive and cutting-edge. What do we offer? Lots of fun and fellowship, plus a supportive work culture that includes many professional development opportunities. Join us as we work together to be the library our patrons deserve!

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Posted On: Mar 28, 2022 / This posting expires: Apr 24, 2022