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Desired Qualifications: This position requires a minimum of an associate degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or Computer Programming, or a bachelor’s degree in the same areas of study or related technical major. An ideal candidate will be proficient with programming languages such as PERL, PHP and shell scripting; JavaScript or JQuery, CSS and HTML, MSSQL or MySQL and have knowledge of Linux/Unix, Windows Server and have experience with web development/design; Joomla or WordPress, and Apache and Tomcat web server administration.   
The candidate will possess a willingness to learn; has high energy, forward thinking, strong problem solving and critical thinking skills; has good organization and time management skills to work on multiple projects with deadlines; can work both independently and collaboratively with team members; pays attention to detail, acts professionally and has excellent written and verbal communication skills. One to two years of job experience preferred but not required.
This full-time position (261 Days) includes a salary commensurate with education, experience and the successful candidate’s potential for excellence.

About the Management Council and the Ohio Education Computer Network Ohio’s Information Technology Centers (ITCs) work together through a statewide network known as the Ohio Education Computer Network (OECN). The Management Council represents and supports the collaborative efforts of the OECN, which implements a broad spectrum of academic and administrative technologies across Ohio’s PreK-12 education system. While the ITCs and the Management Council are the key components of the OECN, other organizations collaborate in the OECN, including the Ohio Department of Education and OARnet. Ohio district and school customers are the primary beneficiaries of the system of services and support from organizations of the OECN.


Team member works under the direction of the INFOhio Technical Services Manager and the INFOhio Director to develop, implement, maintain, evaluate and support the Symphony Integrated Library System (ILS), electronic databases, instructional resources, technology tools and websites offered to ITCs and PreK-12 schools through INFOhio.


1.Supports hardware, OS, layered products and installed software for INFOhio shared bibliographic collections and web sites servers at industry standard or vendor recommended levels.

2. Ensures bibliographic and web site data integrity by reviewing backup logs, error reports, conducting housekeeping routines and restoring data as needed.

3. Investigates and provides operational support. Resolves reported problems with servers, installed software, electronic resources and aids in network troubleshooting. (Critical problems may require non-business hours support.)

4. Sets-up/Configures/Maintains customer access to electronic resources subscribed to by INFOhio.

5. Assists in the collection of data and preparation of reports pertinent to the usage of all ILS products and services.

6. Maintains a working knowledge of MARC formats and other library computer and networking standards.

7. Maintains all appropriate ILS and other technical documentation.

8. Develops and presents ITC Provider training related to the use of the ILS, electronic resources and software tools.

9. Leads project teams, serves on committees and task forces established to further various aspects of the INFOhio mission.

10. Provides helpdesk support and technical consultation to all INFOhio staff and ITC providers upon request.

11. Provides assistance to the INFOhio Director and staff through technical consultation, development and implementation support for INFOhio Automation, Central, Content, Instructional, and Outreach services, as well as, any other special project work requested or assigned by the Director.

12. Participates in on-going professional development as stipulated by the Management Council of the Ohio Education Computer Network.

13. The employee shall remain free of any alcohol or non-prescribed controlled substance in the workplace throughout his/her employment with MCOECN.

14. Demonstrate professional ethical behavior and serve as an appropriate representative of MCOECN. Adhere to all the rules and regulations of MCOECN and the State of Ohio.

15. Perform such other relevant duties as may be assigned by the INFOhio
Technical Services Manager and/or the INFOhio Director.

Contact Information: 

The position description is available on careers site while this opportunity is open. Interested professionals should submit a cover letter and current resume by the posting deadline to: Greg Buddelmeyer (

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