Older Adult Services Librarian

$24.50 per hour with MLS/MLIS degree
Job Type: 
Full Time


Dayton Metro Library


  • Knowledge of professional library principles, methods, techniques and procedures. 
  • Knowledge and appreciation of older adult literature, periodicals, audio-visual materials, websites and other electronic media, and materials. Knowledge of available older adult materials and reader’s interests.
  • Ability to plan and implement programs to support older adults.
  • Knowledge of available and emerging technologies and their application to older adult services. Knowledge and understanding of the psychology of older adults. 
  • Valid Ohio driver’s license appropriate for driving all department vehicles, acceptable motor vehicle record, continuous insurability and proven competency operating and maintaining the Bookmobile and all other Outreach vehicles required.
  • MLS/MLIS degree (preferred) or its equivalent in education and experience is required. 


The Dayton Metro Library is seeking a full-time Older Adult Services Librarian who is responsible for the system-wide planning and support of services to older adults, their children, care givers and activity directors.  This position is based at our Outreach Services Department and works with outside agencies to establish and maintain contacts with the older adult community in Montgomery County, Ohio.  The successful candidate will be team-oriented, flexible, highly self-motivated and have a passion for this type of work.  Join our team today!



  • Coordinates the development of programs for older adults system wide. Plans, implements and evaluates on-going programs and services and works with External Relations to prepare publicity.
  • Provides service and maintains liaisons with retirement communities, senior centers, and community agencies, attends community meetings, gives presentations.
  • Develops recommendations for senior services and provides input into policies affecting older adults including technology training and lending.
  • Establishes and maintains mechanisms for obtaining feedback from older adults.
  • Provides advice and recommendations to public service staff for developing and maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for older adult patrons.
  • Displays knowledge of the psychology of older adults and keeps up with current trends.  Provides system- wide training which increases awareness and understanding of and sensitivity to the needs of older adults.
  • Prepares, submits and analyzes required department reports and budgets. Ensures proper records management.
  • Sets and maintains guidelines and objectives for library staff who work with older adults. Conducts meetings, trains, and provides instruction and assistance for staff.
  • Handles special reference services or requests pertaining to older adult patrons.  
  • Performs daily pre-departure check of vehicles for proper operation.  Drives all department vehicles to appointed stops and parks unit in a position to ensure patron and staff safety.
  • Performs circulation responsibilities and related activities as needed.  Guides staff in preparing Lobby Stop and Homebound materials for delivery.


Contact Information: 

For first consideration, please send your cover letter, resume, and contact information for three employment references to careers@daytonmetrolibrary.org by October 23, 2018.


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