Journal of Applied Physics

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The Journal of Applied Physics (JAP) is an influential international journal publishing significant new experimental and theoretical results of applied physics research.

Topics covered in JAP are diverse and reflect the most current applied physics research, including:

  • Applied biophysics
  • Dielectrics, ferroelectrics, and multiferroics
  • Electrical discharges, plasmas, and plasma-surface interactions
  • Emerging, interdisciplinary, and other fields of applied physics
  • Magnetism, spintronics, and superconductivity
  • Organic-Inorganic systems, including organic electronics
  • Photonics, plasmonics, photovoltaics, lasers, optical materials, and phenomena
  • Physics of devices and sensors
  • Physics of materials, including electrical, thermal, mechanical and other properties
  • Physics of matter under extreme conditions
  • Physics of nanoscale, mesoscale, and low-dimensional systems
  • Physics of semiconductors
  • Thin films, interfaces, and surfaces

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