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Momentum Press was established to provide innovative books and ebooks to students and faculty seeking top-quality engineering resources written by academic and industry leaders. Now with over 500 ebooks with no restrictions, perpetual access, MARC records, and many more features, MP is considered a leading publisher of smart engineering answers for tomorrow’s questions.

MP has digital content in Industrial Engineering (systems, innovation engineering, manufacturing and processes, design, and management; Electrical Engineering (power, communications and signal processing, computer engineering); Mechanical Engineering (fluid mechanics, automation and control, aeronautics and astronautics, technology, and biomedical engineering; Civil and Environmental Engineering (environmental, geotechnical, transportation, sustainable systems, construction); and Material Science (materials characterization, mechanics, nanomaterials, metals/metallurgy, and so many more).

With authors who have appeared before Congress, who have won awards, and appeared on such news programs as 60 Minutes™, MP is proud to publish leading engineering ebooks that dig deep into subjects in a concise and precise format.

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